The World’s Thinnest Chronograph Can Be Bought As Long As 100,000 Yuan?

Once upon a time, the watches of Bulgari, Chanel, Hermes, and other fashion groups were still at the low end of the scorn chain, and they were crowned as “fashion watches” by some of their watchmakers.

However, this phenomenon is changing. In recent years, the watchmaking technology of these brands has advanced by leaps and bounds, even surpassing some traditional watchmaking brands. This performance is particularly evident at this year’s Basel exhibition. In my mind, Bulgari and Chanel are the strengths of them.

Bulgari GMT dual time zone Octo Finissimo automatic chronograph

This Bulgari new work has set the record for the world’s thinnest mechanical chronograph (which was previously maintained by the Earl), which is the fifth consecutive time that Bulgari has broken the world record.

As early as 2014, Bulgari seemed to be bent on colluding with the count. It first released the world’s thinnest tourbillon watch with a case thickness of 5mm and a movement thickness of only 1.95mm. Then in 2016, they made the world’s thinnest minute repeater, the case thickness is only 6.85mm, movement 3.12mm; then, without complex functions, launched the world’s thinnest automatic wristwatch, case thickness 5.15mm, movement thickness 2.23mm (but soon by the Piaget 910P); 2018 In the year, the world’s thinnest automatic tourbillon watch was launched, with a case thickness of 3.95mm and a movement thickness of 1.95mm. A series of works constantly refreshed the upper limit of the watchmaking world and also used ultra-thin technology. The count constitutes a powerful threat. (However, the record of the world’s thinnest mechanical watch is still kept by the Earl, the case thickness is only 2mm, but not mass production)

After looking around, I believe that the eye-catching watchers have found that there are no chronographs in these record watches. Indeed, there are not many chronographs going in the ultra-thin direction, because the structure of the chronograph movement is more complicated, with many parts and a large footprint (so many big names are still using the cores of Valjoux or ETA as chronographs). ). As this kind of movement, it is not easy to make an ultra-thin model. Prior to this exhibition, the record of the world’s thinnest chronograph was controlled by the Earl (case thickness 8.24mm).

The Bulgari GMT Octo Finissimo chronograph is made of a titanium case and treated with a matte sandblasting process. The shell has a tendency to be outside the outer circle. It is basically the same as the previous Octo Finissimo watch. The blood is very pure. I saw that Bulgari wanted to make this series a sign.

The diameter of the watch is 42mm and the thickness of the case is only 6.95mm. In contrast, the thickness of the Earl of the previous generation of world record holders was 8.24 mm, which was a full difference of 1.34 mm. In the competition in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking, this improvement has been quite large.

The ultra-thin case is inseparable from the ultra-thin movement. The watch is equipped with a BVL 318 automatic movement with a thickness of only 3.3mm. The general idea of ​​Bulgari is to reduce the thickness at the expense of increasing the width. For example, this movement uses a column wheel and a horizontal clutch – the vertical clutch is better for the watch, but it will increase the thickness of the movement, so the two-phase trade-off can only give priority to the thickness. The result of this idea is that the diameter of the movement and the case are relatively large, the movement reaches 37.2mm (in contrast, the diameter of the 7750 movements is the only 30mm), and the case diameter is 42mm (in contrast, The world’s thinnest automatic mechanical watch made by Bulgari in the past few years has a diameter of only 40mm).

Although the movement is very thin, it still maintains a relatively powerful function. The vibration frequency is 4Hz, and the storage is 55 hours. The price is 16,500 Swiss francs, about 110,000 yuan.

Personally, think that the birth of this watch has two significant significance.

1. Since then, Bulgari has had strong momentum in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking. So far, the only record that has not been overcome by it is the world’s thinnest mechanical watch and the world’s thinnest perpetual calendar. If the count does not respond, the probability is to be completely suppressed.

  • Generally speaking, this ultra-thin watch that creates a world record is a concept watch or an expensive limited edition, but Bulgari’s pricing is extremely close to the people so that ordinary watchers can also get rid of it. This is a big one. The breakthrough, the pricing of products for future friends, and even the entire industry have a significant impact.

Citizen Watch Maintenance Method Citizen Watch Maintenance Precautions

Citizen’s mission is to provide high-end products and high-quality services, to create products that are close to the public, and to be a leader in the international watch industry. However, some of the friends who bought Citizen watches will have questions. Does Citizen Watch need maintenance? I will answer this question for you.

Citizen watches need to be maintained, the following is the maintenance method of Citizen watches.

1. If a Citizen watch is abnormal, it should be sent to a special watch shop for inspection.

2. Different watches should be worn on different occasions. For sports, it is best to use sports Citadel watches with excellent waterproof and shock resistance.

3. The mechanical automatic watch must be worn for more than 10 hours per day for sufficient operation.

4. If there is a watch with a WATER RESISTANT or 3ATM on the cover, it is generally only swatched for splashes or light rain without pressure.

5. The Citizen mechanical watch was wet, pressed with dry cotton on the watch, and then baked with a 40-watt bulb for 5 minutes, the moisture in the watch could all be evaporated.

6. After the Citizen watch has been marked with a lot of lines, you can drop one or two drops of water on the watch, then squeeze a little bit of toothpaste to remove the scratches and make the watch look like new.

7. Since the internal mechanical structure of each watch is different, under normal use, the error of the mechanical watch or mechanical automatic watch is within 30 seconds per day, and the error of the quartz watch is relatively low.

8. Special reminder, any Citizen watch should not be worn in warm water or bathroom, even if your Citizen watch is a waterproof watch, the surrounding water vapor molecules are relatively small, it is easy to seep into the case, causing internal mechanical damage.

Citizen Watch Maintenance Precautions

The Citizen mechanical watch is driven by the mechanical gear and the spring. It is watched that the rotation will cause friction. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel and lubricate for a long time to reduce the wear rate of the parts. Otherwise, when the problem is solved, the problem is already very serious.

It is best to return to the home of the Citizen mechanical watch every year to check if there is any improper use or water intake. In particular, Taiwan’s climate is hot and humid, sweat, rain and dirty air have accumulated over the years, causing chronic erosion of machinery. The frequency and extent of damage are much higher than those in Europe, America, and Japan. Therefore, “regular inspection” is very important;

Then every three years need to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Usually, 30 meters or 50 meters of water resistance indicated on the watch refers to the data measured in the laboratory, using pure water. Usually, the waterproof demand for Citizen watches is limited to wearing a shower, washing hands, not swimming, diving, bathing. This will cause serious damage to the watch. These are the common sense of maintenance of Citizen mechanical watches.

What Is The Grade Of Amyron?

What is the number of Amy Long watch brands in the world? For many watch friends, it may still be awkward, and for most people, it may not even be heard by Amy Long. Then, which country’s watch brand is Amy Long, why are some watch friends who are among the world’s famous watches not heard of it? Today, I will come to reveal the Amylon brand.

1. Amy Long ranked number one in the world

Amy Long, “Emile Chouriet”, was born in 1685 and was born in Geneva, Switzerland. It is also one of the watch brands with a long history. It has a huge watchmaking team and superb watchmaking craftsmanship, especially the watch machine. The core timing is accurate and reliable, making it a Swiss brand recognized by the Swiss Watch Association.

Occupy a place in the world watch. After the Rolex, which is second only to luxury brands, it is equivalent to Aibo and Longines. In 2017, at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, Amyron watches showcased the Amyron heritage watch – the needle-free timepiece, which reflects Amyron’s breakthrough tradition and the spirit of innovation. The novel way to show time reveals its own unique charm.

2. What is the grade of Amyron?

Amy Long’s watches are generally around 10,000 yuan. However, it rarely appears in the list recommended by major watches. This is because their family has little effort in publicity, which makes its brand very small. The brand’s popularity is comparable to that of the same level of Longines. Few people know.

In fact, the price of its complex watches is much higher than Longines, and Amyron also has the craft and technology to make tourbillon movements. In this way, Amy Long’s “wine” is really because of the deep discount in the alley.

Although it is a niche brand, Amy Long has won a number of loyal fans with its design and quality. After today’s recommendation, after the watch friends want to buy a million-class watch, another brand can choose, and there is also a benefit to niche brands – they won’t hit the watch with others!

What Is The Reason For The Mechanical Watch Going Fast?

A friend who has worn a mechanical watch will find that the watch sometimes goes fast, and it is very troublesome to re-adjust the time from time to time. Then what is the general cause? How can we solve it? Let me follow it with you.

Analysis of the reasons for the rapid movement of mechanical watches

The degree of watch walking is different depending on the watch, it can be more than 20 seconds/day, at most I heard that it is 5 minutes faster. When we exercise vigorously, it is easy to make the watch appear inaccurate. For example, the balance of the watch’s balance is too high, and the violent movement of the external force is applied to the balance wheel, which aggravates its rotation range and requires the watch to sprout. “Crashing”; an additional common end is that the watch’s movement parts are magnetized.

The magnetic field effect, especially after the balance spring is magnetized, the circle and the circle are only displayed when worn, there is a sticky or a short and a short circle, especially in the facade, the hairspring will be due to its own gravity. When the arm is pulled, the shaking of the arm will aggravate its radial movement, and the magnetic energy effect is shown by this.

The factors affecting the position error are mainly the balance between the balance wheel and the balance spring. Especially the balance wheel and the balance of the balance wheel are very bad, which will cause the balance wheel to protrude in a certain swing and a certain position, highlighting the surface of the fortune. Precision changes.

Mechanical watch quick solution

Solution one

Watches that are never bad for a minute are actually not there. There is always a range of error, and this range varies from country to country. Generally speaking, mechanical watches (including automatic mechanical watches) are only full of strings. Walking time is no more than 30 seconds per day, and it is basically no more than 30 seconds. You can try to adjust the time. If you can’t suggest that you go to the professional watch repair center to let the watch masters look at it, so as not to make the tone, the hairspring is short, and the repair is more difficult.

Solution two:

For the maintenance of faults such as mechanical watches, degaussing should be done first, and the degaussing should be neat and thorough. Then check the position error of the watch, continue to check the hairspring beforehand, and clean the hairspring with alcohol, which will compare the fuel clean, volatile, and poor quality. Both the fuel and the magnetic field will cause the hairspring to show up or attract each other. After repairing the watch, we’d better do a small quiz for the timing. It’s better to do a long-term dynamic check. Which one is to be rotated on the omnidirectional rotating frame, or to look directly at it. Those hidden deep problems, we can only detect with the help of related instruments.

Which Brand Of Japanese Watch Is Good?

Japanese watch brands may be very familiar to friends who like Japanese brands, but for unfamiliar friends, it is not so clear, then let’s take a look at which brand of Japanese watches.

Japanese watches mainly include Citizen, Casio, and Seiko. Casio is mainly based on electronic watches. Seiko is known for its mechanical watches. Citizen’s mechanical and electronic watches are excellent, and optical kinetic watches are the leading products in the industry.

1. Citizen City

Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, is committed to providing high-end products and high-quality services to all citizens of the world. It hopes to contribute to the good life of all mankind through products that are “loved by the public and close to the citizens”. As a large multinational company, Citizen Group has 46 companies in Japan, 64 branches in Japan and 110 branches in the world. CIT has always been at the forefront of the international watch industry, adhering to the brand spirit of never-ending innovation and a constant challenge to the future.

Since its founding in 1930, Citizen has been adhering to the philosophy of multiculturalism, persistently pursuing excellence and dedication to innovation. As one of the world’s “citizen”, the brand is committed to providing high-end products and high-quality services to all citizens of the world. It uses the technology to promote the positive development and continuous evolution of the world culture and hopes to “beloved by the public. The products that are close to the citizens will contribute to the good life of all mankind and will swerving meet all opportunities and challenges in the future.

2, CASIO Casio

CASIO is one of the top three watch brands in Japan. As a world-renowned high-end watch brand, CASIO has been known for its truly versatile G-Shock watches for many years. The dynamic, young, fashionable and multi-functional brand image represented by Casio watches has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Casio has always been a leader in technology and has a breakthrough in skills over the years. Combining high-tech, sophisticated technology with new liquid crystal skills, and applying it properly to wrist timepieces, constantly improving the development level of wrist timing–the spirit of “Wrist Technology” advocated by Casio has also been adopted in China. It is able to follow and spread.

The dynamic, young, fashionable and multi-functional brand image represented by Casio has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Casio has always been a technology leader in the industry, and there will be technological breakthroughs over the years. Combining high-tech, sophisticated and sophisticated advanced technology with new liquid crystal technology, it is properly applied to wrist timepieces, constantly improving the development level of wrist timepieces. Casio has always advocated the “wrist technology” spirit in China. It has also been able to follow and spread.

3, Seiko

In 1969, Seiko introduced the world’s first analog quartz watch – SEIKO ASTRON [35SQ]. SEIKO is convinced that the watch is a private friend. The best watch should have a tacit understanding of the wearer, and the function provided by the watch can bring a safe and reliable feeling and emotional satisfaction to the wearer. SEIKO’s technology research and development are committed to the development of “human technology.” Humanized technology creates an interactive connection between watch products and wearers.

Seiko is a famous Japanese watchmaking company. It was founded in 1881. The company was originally called the service department timepiece store. In 1892, it was renamed Seiko House. In 1924, the first officially used Seiko brand watch was released. In 1969, Seiko introduced the world’s first analog quartz watch, the SEIKO ASTRON35SQ. In 1995, Seiko House and Japan Oriental Watch Company jointly established a joint venture factory. Seiko House is also the parent company of Epson, a computer printer manufacturer.

What Kind Of Watch Is More Suit Watch For The Twenties?

At the age of twenty, I began to enter the workplace and communicate with others. In terms of accessories, I pay more attention to the generosity and decent, and watches are undoubtedly one of the best choices. So what is more appropriate to look at in the 20s?

The watch should be matched with clothes. If you wear a suit and tie, it is recommended to wear a formal watch. The dial is simple. The brand is second, look at personal preferences and economic ability. If you wear casual clothes, you can choose fashion. watch or sports watch is fine. The price of a watch is generally the best for a month to three months.


Originating in 1832, the Longines in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, with a long history of 175 years, is a professional watch manufacturer integrating tradition, elegance, and movement. Longines is known around the world for its elegant timepieces.

The Longines watch casts the soul and style of Longines’ early design tradition and still retains the original look and proportion of Longines. The ever-changing expectations of customers and the continuous advancement of science and technology have prompted Longines to further update the design of the watch, not only to introduce a larger model of the case size, but also to provide more beautiful dial selection.


The Meteor was founded in 1918 by George Schaeren in Zurich, Switzerland. The name is derived from the Spanish word “Yo Mido” which means “I measure”. It is meant to make a watch that can be your close friend. When you look at the meter, you will be happy. When you need it, it will accompany you. Beauty is a very trustworthy watch.

The watchmaking philosophy of Mido is a combination of timeless design and practical functions rather than following the trend. Designed to produce a watch with high-quality materials, a precise movement, and excellent water resistance for a long time.


Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, and supplied cutting-edge technology timers to the US government during the First World War to the next few decades. During the Second World War, the Hamilton Hamilton watch was selected to produce a variety of watches, clocks, astronomical clocks and time measuring devices for the US and Allied forces. Almost every military vehicle or ship that is preparing for warfare is equipped with a Hamilton Hamilton timepiece.

The Hamilton brand has two major product lines – the American Classic and the Khaki Sport, both based on the brand’s American heritage, combining modern design with Swiss manufacturing techniques to create masterpieces. The American Classic collection includes the avant-garde design collection and the timeless classic collection.


Tissot combines more than 150 years of creativity with traditional Swiss watchmaking and is a leader in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Its goal is to provide watches with gold and silver prices to the public.

Tissot is a legend in itself. It tells the world that the brand is growing, and it is constantly introducing new designs and new craft achievements so that customers will always be full of surprises. Just as the company’s purpose: extraordinary creativity, stems from tradition.

A Small Watch Brand Within A Thousand Dollars, The Student Party Can Also Wear A Watch

The watch’s practical and beautiful accessories always make people feel impulsive. However, its high price is often the biggest stumbling block to suppress the purchasing power of the student party. Then introduce a few niche watch brands below, I hope that you can also be beautiful.

In fact, for young people who are students, there is no need to pursue a big watch. There is a saying that is good, only by the right, do not buy expensive. Today, Su Shi carefully selected four distinctive watch brands, and the student price party within the thousand yuan is also acceptance. Put them on, the beautiful and beautiful out of the wrist!

American Rumba Time

Rumbatime is an independent fashion watch designer brand from New York. It has a wide range of styles and styles. It is the kind of fashion DNA that comes out of the womb.

The brand is inspired by New York, and the three-dimensional dial with colorful colors, whether matched with any piece of clothing in your closet, is enough to be the most beautiful embellishment. Therefore, Rumbatime is also known as “fashion on the wrist.”

Rumbatime has played a little fresh, and also holds the aristocratic fan, in short, the feel you want, there must be a Rumbatime to meet. Brands with such high value and friendly price, there is no reason not to plant grass.

French Girl only

The Girl only butterfly watch (Go) is a female watch brand from France and is highly sought after in the region. The brand is tailor-made for girls to fashion watches, through the perfect integration of watches and fashion trends to highlight the taste and style of women.

Go is good at combining the creative dial with the enamel crystal, and with a colorful strap to highlight its artistic style with rich French romance.

The light and elegant butterfly is the brand’s image logo, and the design of the butterfly embellished dial can be seen in many series.

The decorative effect of the Go watch is very strong, and the belts, trinkets, gems, etc. with individual colors can clearly reflect the emotions and characteristics of women. Therefore, even the actor Natalie Portman and the supermodel Karlie Kloss can’t put it down.

Komono, Belgium

KOMONO is a fashion watch brand from Belgium, established in 2009.

KOMONO stands for “small things” and uses Retro-Futuro’s design concept to combine classics with fashion to launch neutral watches. Men and women are loved by young people.

KOMONO’s design style is to blur the retro and avant-garde focus, break through the gender boundaries, and give the watch a new and immortal soul through modern techniques and colorful colors. Therefore, KOMONO’s works are often impressive.

The KOMONO watch box that pursues artistic integrity is very refined. The color of a watch box is consistent with the strap, which perfectly explains the unique cultural charm of young people.

Thailand Forrest

The FORREST brand is from the hands of Thai designer Mink Thepsawarin, who is known as one of the “most mysterious female designers in Asia.” Her design philosophy is to “integrate nature into life”, and the style is not unusual. The brand’s most famous forest collection is inspired by grass, wood and stone, and the clean, yet fresh dial makes it feel relaxed and comfort watch.

The wood grain watch is soft and restrained, and the delicate texture seems to smell the woody aroma.

Seiko Xgundam 40th Anniversary Zaku Limited Edition Watch Startup Experience

Every man must have played a model to see cartoons when he was a child. Some people like the bloody “SLAM DUNK”, and some people are fascinated by the “Dragon Ball DRAGON BALL” turtle wave Qigong, but it is even more important to ignore the “Gundam Mobile Suit”. Up to now, even people who grew up in this beautiful fashion have bought several steel bomb models.

In 2019, SEIKO Seiko designed three limited edition watches for the 40th anniversary of steel bombs. This is full of topics in the toy industry, animation industry, and watch industry. Before the official launch, we will get started and share the experience with you. These two are to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the classic Gundam series “Mobile Suit Gundam” animation. SEIKO Seiko watches introduce two global limited-edition Prospex watches based on Zaku, the production machine of Mobile Suit Gundam. The joint version is designed with the red comet Zaku MS-06S and the mass production machine Zaku MS-06.

Let’s first talk about the two Prospex diving watches with the theme of Zaku, which are the “MS-06 mass-production type Sak” which uses green to represent the Zagu production machine and red with the Sark big head. The main color scheme is “MS-06S Shaya Special Zaku”. Although it is the hostile camp of the protagonist, the performance of the two Sark joint names is not inferior. The model uses Prospex’s, MARINE Master

Professional design, also known as the canned tuna fish. It is additionally covered with a shell outside the case to enhance the waterproof so that the two Zaku joint models are waterproof to a professional level of 300 meters. Because the author himself has a stainless steel Tuna Can, knowing that its two-layer case is very heavy, but actually put two Zaku joint watches on their hands and found that it is very light! The inner surface of the case is made of titanium and the outer layer is cermet. The inner and outer layers are made of materials much lighter than stainless steel. When combined, the two Zhaco co-brand watches look to other SEIKO tuna. The can is as strong as the presence of the can, but there is no pressure on the hand, and the weight is very good.

The most important one-way rotating bezel of the diving watch is also good, not only smooth and smooth, but also a solid touch on every scale and the hum of the rotation sounds very satisfying. Since it is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Gundam, it is certainly not the only color and character match. SEIKO is very careful to add the Gundam element in many small details. As the second hand, there is the shadow of the sensor of the Jiongjun mobile warrior-the Cyclops. The side of the cermet shell is engraved with the model of the mobile warrior body of the red scorpion slag ancient and the mass production machine Zaku.

A closer look will also reveal that the two crowns of the slag ancient joint models also have different patterns, representing two different mobile warrior bodies. The details of the steel bullets not only appear on the case but also extend all the way to the strap. Both models use a rubber band with the same color as the case, which makes the image of the red comet Zaku and the production machine Zaku more complete. SEIKO also carefully designed the Xia Aznabul personal logo alias “Red Comet” and the Gijon Principality logo imprinted at the end of the strap. No matter what time and angle you can see the steel bullet element, people are particularly excited when they wear it.

Carl F.Bucherer Watch Introduction

The Carl F.Bucherer watch has always been popular, with the Carl F.Bucherer watch, which undoubtedly symbolizes the noble status of the royal watchmaking experts. What is the ranking of the world of Carl F.Bucherer watches? What is the grade of Cael F.Bucherer watches? Let’s take a look.

In 1888, Carl F. Bucherer and his wife Luise opened their first watch and jewelry store at Falkenplatz in Lucerne. They are a successful couple: his entrepreneurial traits, artist talent, and a keen awareness of fashion trends and social trends are exactly complementary to his wife’s seeking truth and management skills. Their success has laid a solid foundation for the Bucherer Group we are familiar with today.

Carl F.Bucherer watch world ranking

Between 1915 and 1923, the reputation of Bucherer’s watches and jewelry quickly swept through the upper class of Germany. This is the emblem of the Bucherer store at the time, symbolizing the noble status of the royal watchmaking experts.

At the 2012 Basel Watch Fair, Bucherer has introduced a variety of gentle and exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding technology of the Marion series: the perpetual calendar chronograph, the moon phase rose gold watch and the BigDate Power watch. The new watch continues the brand’s uniqueness. Style, while not lacking creative design, is inevitably the best wrist companion.

What is the grade of Carl F.Bucherer watches?

In Hong Kong, Bucherer has become the designated watch for the Miss Hong Kong Campaign Conference in 2003 and 2004. It is also the main sponsor of the 2003 Faye Wong concert and the designated watch for several concerts. The limelight can be described as nothing. Carl F.Bucherer has always been committed to the development of precision mechanical watches, and the Archimedes Ochimed series in the Yunyun watch series is outstanding.

Carl F.Bucherer watch unique style

Carl F. Bucherer, a Swiss watchmaker’s 100-year-old watchmaking brand, is uniquely crafted in a traditional style. The watch has a low output but is extremely functional: whether it is a bright-looking preset or high-quality material. Grasp, even eternal and resolutely keep the people who do things embedded in the tradition of each of the most advanced diamonds… These details have become the key factor in attracting the patrons of the enthusiastic Carl F.Bucherer products, and each one has to be engraved. The chronographs of the Carl F. Bucherer imprint have become the perfect ones to be passed on to future generations. In short, if you are on the way, grasping and expecting time, you will be able to find the best explanation in the time of the two places and the time of the three places.

For watch fans who love the perpetual calendar, the Buzilai Marley Long Calendar Chronograph is a model of timepiece art: the date display at 12 o’clock, the week display at 6 o’clock, the month and leap year at 9 o’clock, and 3 o’clock. The location of the moon phase is accurate and correct. This unique movement of Carl F.Bucherer has a flyback timing function. The dial has a tachymeter scale on the outer edge, which is consistent with the brand’s philosophy of adhering to the practical function.

How to deal with allergies in watches

There are many people who are allergic when wearing a watch. Most people are allergic to the strap. There will be a serious allergic reaction on the wrist. It is an especially uncomfortable watch, but it is not accustomed to wearing a watch. Take some measures to solve it.

The stainless steel case of the watch includes base metal. The base metal damages the human body. If the intake is too much, it will cause some evils. The cockroach will dissolve and ooze out with the sweat of the person. Nowadays, the green color awareness of many people in the social form is growing. Up to now, the international coverage of this issue has been highly visible in China, and the industry standard for the amount of exudation of the base metal watch band has been established, mainly for watch components. Limit the harmful things.

If you confirm your own allergic health level, it is best to wear a watch with a chrome case strap. Chrome alloy has the best intimacy for the human body. You can also choose porcelain pottery and molecular compound plastic materials, even if it is the stainless steel case should also be selected from the leather strap.

Slowly speaking, the surface of the tungsten steel case will also include a small amount of nickel, so it is not a pure green product. If you only have a stainless steel watch, the best way is to use the isolation method. The practice is to use a small piece of cowhide, cut into the shape of the back cover of the watch, and glue it to the back of the watch.

How to deal with allergies in watches? Wearing a watch allergy solution

What is the cause of watch allergies?

1. Allergies in metal and leather:

If you prove that you are allergic to a certain metal or leather, then the corresponding watch should not be worn.

2. Allergies caused by dust, dirt, and sweat on the watch:

If the watch has not been cleaned for a long time, wipe it gently with a damp towel.

3, too tight, not breathable allergies:

Adjust the strap to increase ventilation and breathability.

Watch allergy treatment

1. It is recommended to first find out through the hospital which specific allergens belong to the watch so that it can be targeted.

2. If you feel that the first article is too cumbersome and not a paint allergy, you can consider asking the watch shop’s professionals to help spray a transparent varnish on the watch, which can reduce skin contact without affecting the appearance of the watch. Not a luxury watch, even if it is.

3. If it is a non-metallic strap and a back cover, then the best thing is to change the material directly.

If it is caused by sweating and rusting and causing allergies caused by wearing for a long time, consider changing