Longines watches can also be identified in this way

Longines watches combine fashion, sportiness, elegance, and youthfulness. Especially the new models introduced every year always follow the popular elements of the times, and the Longines watches are not very expensive. So Longines watches are very popular among the public. So what Is the way to identify true and false Longines watches?

►► Appearance identification

The real watch is a while, and the craftsmanship is very rough. The main points are as follows:

Trademarks and brand writing. The genuine Longines watch has a clear and complete logo on the dial and back cover, and the glass is clean and clear; the fake Longines watch is ambiguous.

The number of drills on the genuine Longines dial is consistent with the actual number of drills in the movement; the material indicated on the back cover matches the material used in the case; the counterfeit Longines does not match.

The outer cover of the genuine Longines case has no sharpness; the coating has no air bubbles and does not fall off. The counterfeit case assembly has a rough outer edge and a phenomenon of blistering, falling off or broken parts.

►►Core identification

From the movement, the original LONGINES is marked on the splint or pendulum in the authentic Longines movement; the movement is stable in the case assembly; the movement is clean.

There is no trademark label on the splint or pendulum of the counterfeit Longines watch movement, or the trademark label is rough, fuzzy, skewed, or simply pasted with small copper; the movement is not clean, some movements have copper shavings, hair Silk, Fingerprints, etc.

►►Commodity certificate identification

When purchasing a Longines watch, check the vendor’s certificate of inspection and the number on the laser replica mark is listed in the number listed on the certificate.

Do you want to be exposed to a fake watch when you are in front of a friend? Do you want to discount your own worth? How can this be done! So, in order to avoid buying fake watches and affecting our identity, learn The Identification of watches is especially important.

How to deal with the hard watch belt

If it is a leather strap, the leather strap will be a bit stiff when worn, and the more it will be worn, the more appropriate it will be. Like the new leather shoes we usually buy, when you first start using it, it will be a little bit of a kick. The more you walk through comfort, the same.

For the problem of the hard belt, don’t worry too much. If you want to make him softer, then rub it with your hand, then you can apply some oil on the skin, or it will crack. If you are not in a hurry, there is no such need, because it takes a while for the belt to fit the size of your wrist.

After the belt has been worn for a long time, there will be a shape of your own wrist. The shape is the result of your long-wearing. This shape is the most comfortable strap. After this time, the strap is basically shaped, so when you find the watch When the strap is a little hard, don’t think that you can solve your troubles by changing a strap, give yourself time and give the watch a little time.

The strap feels hard at the beginning of wearing. This is proof of quality and quality. The insider knows that this is precisely the difference between the leather strap and the general PU leather or artificial leather strap. The leather strap is characterized by its cowhide characteristics and special processing. The reason for wearing a few days before wearing will feel harder, and even some “hands”, but after wearing a few days will show normal characteristics, wearing close-fitting. The PU strap feels softer on the first day of wearing, and it is very close to the hand. However, such a strap can only be worn for a maximum of a few months, and the maximum time is less than one year. The strap will crack and sew, and it will be quite ugly at the time. This is like buying shoes. The leather shoes are just beginning. There will be some “foot hits”, but the more you cross the soft, the more comfortable you will pass.

I like thin, hollow, tourbillon!

The ultra-thin tourbillon is one of the most competitive battlefields in modern high-class watchmaking. As the inventor of the tourbillon, Breguet is naturally a powerful competitor, such as 5377, 5367, etc. in previous years, all under this category. Quite a powerful player.

In the “Time to Move” exhibition a few days ago, Breguet launched a new ultra-thin tourbillon, the Classique Classic 5395, which is amazing.

From the appearance and movement, this 5395 is basically a hollow version of the aforementioned 5377 and 5367, even with a cool style of steampunk, which is different from the classical people of Breguet.

Compared with the above two “first ancestors”, the size of the 5395 has changed somewhat, the diameter of the path has been reduced from the original 42mm to 41mm, and the thickness has increased from the original 7mm to 7.7mm (estimated because of the hollowing out). Available in rose gold and platinum versions.

In order to carry out the concept of “transparency” in the end, Breguet also spent a lot of time reading. Its time scale is displayed by a printed Roman numeral on a transparent sapphire inner ring. This design has been squandered by some friends. It is inconvenient to read it. But I think buying such a watch should not be just to Read it. In terms of pointers, the classic Breguet needle is still used.

The most amazing thing, of course, is its all-empty movement, which has a very dense and dense distribution. The left side is a large space, and the right side is as complex as a spider web. At the same time, in order to achieve the “ultra-thin” design, its materials are reduced to a minimum. In order to make the wearer appreciate the operation of the parts as much as possible, it is also necessary to rack their brains in the use of space.

Thanks to this concept, the movement parts that we can hardly appreciate can be seen on this watch, such as the winding mechanism, ball bearings, etc. The movement also carries the previous use on the Breguet dial. Paris’ nails are decorated for a long time.

When it comes to ornamentation, this watch has a high level of sanding decoration in addition to the clever movement design. For example, the 45-degree chamfering on the bridge is a manual craftsman who uses a sickle to slowly produce a perfect effect; the barrel is also decorated with delicate round holes. These details require a lot of manpower and resources to complete.

The performance of the movement is also quite good, the specifications are basically the same as the movements of 5377 and 5367. In order to achieve the light and this effect, the outer edge oscillating weight is used; the single barrel with the ball bearing realizes an 80-hour considerable Storage. It can be said that all aspects are taken into consideration.

In the application of the tourbillon, Breguet also showed a high level, the tourbillon frame made of titanium realized the direct engagement with the wheel train, not the bottom gear. Moreover, its vibration frequency reaches 4Hz (the general tourbillon watch is 3Hz), which improves accuracy. The use of silicon components also increases the anti-magnetic properties.

The red gold version is priced at 220,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 1.5 million yuan; the platinum version is priced at 235,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 1.61 million yuan. 

The wristwatch in the Swiss watch industry

Thanks to the strong support of the brand, Le Locle’s watchmaking factory (Montblanc montre SA) began to manufacture watches. Since then, Montblanc has completed a series of independent manufacturing processes such as self-produced movements, hairsprings, balances and pallets, which is the fastest-growing watch brand in recent years. Not only that, but Montblanc is more focused on the future. In 2007, the Mei Nai Advanced Watchmaking Institute in Villers was established, laying the foundation for the development of high-end watches. In 2008, the first self-produced movement MBR100 was launched. No matter the development and sales of watches and clocks, Montblanc surpassed itself and completed a gorgeous transformation.

As one of the world’s two luxury goods groups, the famous brand Montblanc, which is a subsidiary of the Lifeng Group, has now developed into a diversified high-end brand. The high-spirited ambiance of Mont Blanc is a symbol of the ultimate goal of Montblanc craftsmanship and perfection. It represents the elegance and long-lasting quality of life, reflecting the pursuit and praise of today’s society for culture, quality, design, tradition, and excellent craftsmanship.

Different development history

For nearly a century, Montblanc has become famous for making classic writing instruments. The name of the Montblanc represents the art of writing. The hexagonal white star mark on the top of the pen is exactly the shape of the highest peak of Europe, Mont Blanc, symbolizing The highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, the highest point of the mountain is 4810 meters above sea level, and the word “4810” on each nib is the height of Mont Blanc, which is usually used as a ring. Various themes. The hand-made, 25-step writing makes the MONT BLANC writing tools as solid and noble as Mont Blanc.

Classics and classics are often combined. As technology develops in every day in our lives, the magic of ancient culture has evolved into a work of art in the heart. “Slowing down and enjoying life” is the philosophy of Montblanc. In Montblanc’s products, you can see the spiritual light that humans have used to grind out time and see a culture that has precipitated for nearly a hundred years.

Montblanc Timewalker is an elegant and low-key luxury, full of energy and not exaggerated. This is the epoch spirit of the “Time Walker” and the outstanding design style of this series of watches: polished and polished steel to clean the lines of simple and smooth buildings Structural shape, dynamic and masculine, the large 42 mm diameter case with a slightly serious black or silver dial, the dial has 5 large Arabic numerals and a delicate second hand, the design is quite simple. Abandon the illusory illusion. The strap is sporty with a steel bracelet or an elegant black calfskin strap. The simple and elegant design, combined with the automatic mechanical movement of Mont Blanc’s watchmaking craftsmanship, demonstrates Mont Blanc’s commitment to quality excellence.

Classics and classics are often combined. As technology develops in every day in our lives, the magic of ancient culture has evolved into a work of art in the heart. “Slowing down and enjoying life” is the philosophy of Montblanc. In Montblanc’s products, you can see the spiritual light that humans have used to grind out time and see a culture that has precipitated for nearly a hundred years.

How to distinguish between Earl’s watches and true and false

Piaget has always adhered to the brand spirit of “doing better than the requirements forever”, integrating exquisite craftsmanship and infinite creativity into each piece, while giving priority to the development of creativity and the pursuit of detail, fully integrating the craft of watches and jewelry. Together, then let’s see how to distinguish between the Earl’s watch and the true and false?

How to distinguish between Earl’s watches and true and false

1. The second hand is obviously inconsistent with respect to the hour and minute hands, and the surface of the second hand is not bright.

2. There is scraping in the back cover of the watch and the automatic tow, and there are traces of friction, indicating that there is not enough safety clearance between them, and the processing marks in the back cover of the case also remain.

3. The icon on the strap “Butterfly Buckle” is very vague. As the 18K gold case, there are several common logos: one is the “Saint Bona” dog head, the dog with the extra ear, and the head of the “Goddess of the Country” (Guangdong people are called ghost sisters); the other is With the pattern of the balance, there is a logo of 18K or 750. Generally, it is stamped on the case, in the back cover of the watch, on the strap, but it is not easy to punch them on a small area. The fake watch often does not work well at this point.

4, the head of the P-word LOGO should be raised, but the table is concave.

5, the diamond inlay of the dial is somewhat scattered, many diamonds are not flat, all the characters are not regular, obviously, the work of the workshop, the work of the case is the same, how to see how the edge of the corner is rough.

6, the sapphire table glass is a curved surface, and the real table should be a curved surface composed of prisms.

7. There is no metal letter mark on the lining ring of the movement. The lining ring of the movement is located between the movement and the case, which acts as a filling space and a fixed movement. For the case of K gold, the rule must be printed with the word “METAL” to make it not K-gold (usually copper alloy). I have also seen the addition of snakes. It is clear that the case is made of stainless steel. It is also necessary to print METAL on the frame ring so that it is not a trick.

8, the watch uses the movement of ETA 2892A2, there is no PIAGET logo on the splint and the automatic gyro, the Earl watch generally uses a movement with a P-number, such as 195P, 430P and so on.

9. The icons and letters on the back cover of the watch are too thick.

Bought a watch of IWC

From the beginning of 2017, I will study which model of the model I want to buy. I have always been interested in the watch in the world, but I have no money, but I don’t have enough money.

It has been ten months since the purchase to decide to buy the watch of the world and then to select the watch. The whole process is quite long and tangled. This year, I finally satisfied my wish and bought a watch. The watch symbolizes identity. I think that men should have a block. From the moment they have this IWC, they have embarked on the road to poisoning.

I remember when I was in the selection of the IWC, I always watched the friends in the forum late at night. It was so poisonous to my insomnia and forgetfulness. The whole person is not good. In fact, in the beginning, I wanted to buy Panerai. Pulling a variety of friends to turn a lot of watch stores, but I feel that after I got started, I didn’t think so good, the dial was too big, and it was in my heart. There is always a dream of the country in my heart.

I saw a lot before and after, and also considered the budget, and finally locked the IWC pilot series Mark XVI Mark 16 mechanical watch IW325501, the classic to the classic entry level. I saw this watch on the Internet, and my heart was like a million ants stepping on it, so I couldn’t wait to wear it immediately.

The daily information of the customer service learned a lot of details, read a lot of details, and finally decided to start. It’s been a month now, it’s been great! It feels good and I like this style very much. I often take this country with me everywhere.