Gulang Watch Introduction

Speaking of watches, many people think of foreign brands in the first place. Indeed, there are many famous watch brands from Switzerland, Italy and other countries. However, don’t forget that our country’s watches are also very good. With the continuous development of the domestic watch industry, many domestic watch brands are also developing rapidly. Perhaps it is time for domestic watch brands to show their faces. Domestic watches are gradually becoming consumers. Choices, such as Gulang Watch~

1, Gulang ladies watch price inquiry

Gulang is one of the famous watch brands in China. It has been adhering to the free and casual style and has won the favor of many consumers. Gulang women’s watches are also loved by many female consumers. Gulang women’s watches range in price from 200-3000 yuan. This price is relatively close to the people and can be accepted by most domestic consumers.

Among them, Gulang Women’s Watch 6067L is one of the best-selling models. It adopts imported movement and metal casing. The strap is made of high-quality solid steel belt. The mirror has a high-strength hardened glass. The dial is also embedded with exquisite and exquisite diamonds. Layering. The strap is an ergonomically designed hollow curved strap that fits easily into the wrist and is comfort watch and beautiful. The price of this Gulang ladies watch is about 300 yuan. See if the price is very tempting.

2, Gulang watch quality grade how

Although some of the most familiar top-of-the-line watch brands are mostly from abroad, the quality and appearance of some domestic watch brands are not inferior. Gulang watches are at the forefront of the domestic watch brand rankings, winning a good reputation with an exquisite and gorgeous appearance and exquisite craftsmanship. Gulang watches have a variety of watches that are imported from Japan, with both quality and appearance.

Over the years, Gulang watches have been integrated into production from design to production, demonstrating the advantages of the brand. At present, the Gulang watch grade is mid-range in China, although the price is not very expensive, the quality and quality are better. The cost performance of Gulang watches is still relatively high. It combines professional watchmaking and fashion appearance into one, which is very rare and is also the best choice for many consumers in China.

The moon in foreign countries is not quite round, and the watch brand is not the best only abroad. In recent years, many domestic watch brands have been continuously developing and progressing, and strive to lead fashion with extremely high quality. Consumers may also pay more attention to some domestic watch brands when they purchase and choose according to their own needs, and there may be unexpected gains.

Traditional Watchmaking “Troika” What are the watches worth buying this year?

“Traditional watchmaking troika”, I don’t know if you have heard this statement. It refers to the three major Swiss watch brands, including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet, and has an unquestionable position in the industry. What new products have the three brands launched this year? What are the most noteworthy models in these new products?

Recommended reason: The high-end watchmaking brand has always used ultra-complex functions as a benchmark to measure the ability and level of brand watchmaking, but most watch lovers may still use practical performance and wearability as a factor in choosing a watch. This Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series “Green Grenade” is an iconic octagonal bezel design with 18K white gold case material. Green is the main element. The dial and strap are designed with the same color matching. In the selection of the movement, Patek Philippe’s self-winding Caliber 324 S C movement has a waterproof depth of 120 meters and dynamic storage of about 40 hours. This is the case with Patek Philippe. The more you look at the simple low-key, the higher the price.

Vacheron Constantin’s four-sea series 4300V/000R-B509 watch

Recommended reason: When it comes to Vacheron Constantin, many people say that the recent Wulu type series has been loved by many young people, but I personally think that it is the most representative of Vacheron Constantin’s non-cross-border series. This year, Vacheron Constantin launched three new series of vertical and horizontal four-sea series watches, including a steel tourbillon and two 18K pink gold moon phases. I chose this blue-panel moon phase to recommend it to everyone for two reasons: the blue disk is a very popular design element in Vacheron Constantin and even all high-end watch brands; the second is the 18K pink gold case. The price of this blue disc is about RMB 570,000, and the total pink gold is about 710,000. The all-gold material plus the perpetual calendar will definitely make you feel satisfied.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Series 26401RO.OO.A087CA.01 Watch

Recommended reason: After the birth of the Royal Oak Offshore Series, many people said that it is a tough guy in the rough and outdoor style based on the Royal Oak. In fact, rather than being swatch for a tough guy, it should be said that it gives men more choices. This year, Audemars Piguet launched the new CODE 11.59 series, and also launched several new Royal Oak Offshore models, including the brown watch with this ceramic bezel. This is the first time Audemars Piguet has applied ceramic materials to the offshore series, and this color is relatively more special. The domestic price of this watch is 350,000 yuan, and all the major Audemars Piguet stores have arrived in stock. Red gold shell plus camouflage, I ask you why?

Summary: Which brand do you prefer in the traditional watchmaking troika? Are there any of these three brands that you like and want to start with? If you were to choose the new “Advanced Watchmaking Troika” brand, which three brands would you choose? Feel free to say your opinion below the comments.

How Can I Become A Watchmaker In China?

In China, there are several ways to become a watchmaker:

1. National Route: To apply for the professional chronograph instrument of Tianjin University. The backbone technicians of many watch factories in China come from the school, such as Mr. Xu Yaonan, the master of Chinese watchmaking. In addition to studying watchmaking, I also learn to make an aviation bomb fuze. Is it cool?

2. Find Xu Yaonan, Xu Jiabao, Ma Xuyu, Lin Yonghua, Tan Zehua, Wang Zesheng, and other contemporary watchmakers to learn the art. This kind of learning style of the teacher and the hands can be more efficient for watchmaking.

3. Swiss brands and brand groups regularly recruit maintenance technicians in China. For example, the famous ones are Patek Philippe Talent Center (Shanghai), Shanghai Hayek Watch School (Rai Watch Group) and so on. Among them, the Patek Philippe Center of Excellence is the highest watchmaking institution in China (no one). It only recruits about 8 people a year, requires 18-20 years old, and accepts both men and women. There is no experience in repairing books (the so-called “white paper” teaching. , from zero orthodox). The English level is good, training in Switzerland for two years, and paying wages.

  • Apply to the Swiss watchmaking school. (The cost is very high, I am leaving my hometown, the difference between the schools, if there is demand, I will help to understand

Introduction To Ernest Borel Watch

 Brand Introduction

In 1856, the Swiss Ernest Borel was founded by JULES BOREL in the watch-like sanctuary, Neuchatel, Switzerland. The brand has always respected the brand concept of “romantic moments, lifelong companionship”, combining romantic and elegant culture with rigorous and high-quality watchmaking craftsmanship. In the field of watches and clocks, it is famous.

Brand story

In 1856, “The Kingdom of Watches” in Newcastle, Switzerland, Berliget’s young Zulus-Pollell began his long career in watchmaking with his belief in perfecting classics. In 1859, he founded Borel and Courvoisier with his wife, Paul Gao Huashi. From the very beginning, Pauler and Gao Huashi knew the authority of the Neuchâtel Observatory for the timer standard. If the watch designed and manufactured can obtain its approval, it means undoubtedly means to get global sales to pass for a watch product. For the future, time has become an eternal career pursuit. In 1866, an impressive achievement was finally achieved. The watches they produced lived up to expectations and won the first place in the observatory competition. This has laid a solid position for this rare watch. As a result of the efforts, a series of honors came one after another: in 1876 in Philadelphia, the product was awarded a quality certificate; in 1878, it was awarded the only precious gold medal awarded to the Swiss watch industry in Paris, France. In the company’s development process, a revolutionary initiative in fashion was born: a watch with a crown and a putter or bolt, the invention includes a new winding system and a new method of setting time. This patent has an epoch-making significance in the history of the watch industry.

The trademark of this century-old classic romantic brand was born out of a beautiful and romantic legend. At a noble dance, the second-generation head ERNEST BOREL and the beloved girl danced romantically at the ball, and the momentary touch of the eyes turned into a long-lasting touch of the mind. The silhouette of the dance was designed into the trademark of Yibolu, which left behind in the hearts of the world. Unforgetwatch romantic plots vividly interpret the meaning of “romantic moments, companionship throughout life”. No matter how time passes by, even in the turbulent years of the two world wars, the silhouette of a couple of dancing couples in Ernest Borel left a watch romantic complex in the hearts of the world and won the prestigious international reputation. In the course of a century and a half, the Swiss Ernest Borel has won numerous awards in the world. In 1866, the Swiss Ibrahim watch won the first prize of the similar product competition held by the Neustall Observatory, the highest authority of Swiss timekeeping products at that time. In 1876, it won the quality certificate in Philadelphia, USA, and in 1878, it was precious in the Swiss watch industry in Paris, France. The only gold medal. In 1937, Ernest Borel was awarded the GRAND PRIX Honor Award in Greece. Between 1945 and 1959, the Neuchâtel Observatory in Switzerland awarded the “BULLETIN DE MARCHE” certificate to 4,172 Epoch watches. In particular, in 1958, the Neuchâtel Observatory awarded the first prize to two Espresso watches. Lay the solid position of this rare watch. In 1903, the sales staff of EBO Road arrived in China after six months of travel, selling 388 Epoch road watches, and the incomprehensible relationship with China, an ancient civilization of the East. After China’s reform and opening up, ERNEST BOREL quickly merged with China’s profound traditional culture and fashion tastes, creating a brand new consumer concept for Chinese consumers. In the 21st century, Epoch Road has designed more fashion-oriented fashion products, which are deeply loved and respected by consumers.

TAG Heuer Carrera Indy 500 Special Edition Is Coming soon

The TAG Heuer is the most versatile link to the Carrera Calella chronograph. The Calella series has produced a series of F1 or sports-style watches in recent years. TAG Heuer has been Red Bull Racing – Tag Heuer, the engine sponsor of the F1 Red Bull Racing team. TAG Heuer is now further extended to other professional racing fields, such as the Indy 500 (Indianapolis 500 Mile Grand Prix) special chronograph today is the latest work, which gives the legendary Calella also the opportunity to do the latest Expansion.

TAG Heuer has just released a special edition chronograph designed to pay tribute to the Indy 500, a legendary and historic car rally that began in 1911 and is often referred to as the Indy 500 or 500 mile. The Grand Prix is ​​a motorsports competition organized by the American IRL. Held at the Indianapolis Circuit on the annual (US) Memorial Day weekend. This competition is also famous for the participation of the Indian Formula 1 racing car. The Indy 500 Grand Prix has now become one of the world’s three major car franchises alongside the F1 Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The latest commemorative watch is an aesthetically tuned 41mm Carrera Calibre 16 Day-Date automatic chronograph designed with the Indy 500 as a clue. The 41mm 316L polished stainless steel case is fitted with a black ceramic fixed bezel speedometer, and the INDY 500 is printed in red at 1 o’clock (white on standard models). The double anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal covers the dial, and the back of the case is made of stainless steel. It is engraved with Indy 500 and brick wall background. The logo is engraved on May 26, 2019 (matchday) and the first 103’s latest match number. The crown and button are the same as the standard model, and the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.

The three-eye chronograph on the black dial is milky white with excellent contrast (especially under direct sunlight during the game). The special edition of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo is located in the middle of the 6 o’clock sub-dial. The framed date window at 3 o’clock remains unchanged, with CARRERA printed on top, CALIBRE on the bottom, and TAG Heuer logo on the left side.

The watch features the Calibre 16 automatic movement, based on the ETA 7750. It has 25 jewels, a vibration frequency of 28,800 vph (4 Hz) and a power reserve of 42 hours. TAG Heuer’s custom oscillating weights use Geneva stripes, but the movement is hidden inside a sturdy steel bottom cover, so it cannot be seen. Many Calella watches are now using the Calibre 16 calibre.

The strap is the same as the standard one. It is a red-stitched race-style black calfskin strap that echoes the red accents on the black panel and has a real racing atmosphere. The clasp features a polished stainless steel folding clasp.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Indy 500 Special Edition retails for €4,350 and will be available worldwide. The second watch will also be released soon. The Formula 1 Indy 500 special edition is said to use a case larger than 43 mm and a quartz movement for about 1,500 Euros. Both watches are limited editions

Breguet Watch

One of the top ten watches in the world, the Breguet watch is the favorite of many people. It is mainly for high-end female customers. Its outstanding position is the inner light of the fine and beautiful jewelry women. Many people know Breguet watches, but I don’t know. I believe that after reading the following introductions, everyone will know more!

Since the 19th century, the literary masters who have described the treasured watch are numerous, such as Hugo, Dumas, Stendhal, Maritime, etc. They regard the Breguet as “accurate”, “precious”, ” The symbol of elegance. The tribute to the Breguet watch conveyed by the writer’s work is the dream that Breguet has been pursuing the perfect presentation of technology and art since its inception.

Appreciating Breguet’s timepieces is like reviewing the wonderful history of technological development in the modern watch industry. The founder of Breguet, Abraham Lewis, has invented the technology of the tourbillon device, the balance double-layer spring, the self-clocking bell, the fixed-speed escapement and the spiral-type spring system of the minute repeater. The world of watchmaking has had a profound impact. The Duke of Habsburg commented: “Bao Bao seems to have invented everything. Any technology and design in the future seem to be just a change of his invention.

We started from its inventor, yes, the brand name of the Breguet watch is the name of its creator. In 1747, Mr. Breguet, born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, created a hungry Breguet watch. Brands have created countless great inventions. Breguet watches, whether it is men’s watches or women’s watches, can closely follow the development trend of the current era, and fashion trends and styles to satisfy every customer. Whether it is a man or a woman, the style, style, or model of different Breguet watches are different.

Whether it is its brand history or market reputation, it is widely recognized and paid attention to. Breguet watches are active in every field of the watchmaking industry, and its series of breakthroughs and innovations and spirit of excellence and let the watch itself The brand continues to climb to a higher starting point. Its neoclassical simplicity design creates one surprise after another for everyone who loves the watch. It is the choice of every successful person. It is the creator of ultimate luxury, and it is the leader in the field of fine watchmaking.

After you have learned about the brand history of so many Breguet watches, have you already had a new position on the Breguet watch in your mind? If you use a sentence to shape it like a Breguet watch, I think I can only use it. Breguet watch is the most important synonym for Swiss watches. This sentence is like the shape, this is the Breguet watch, how about the Breguet watch? You can rest assured that you can rely on trust.

Amy Bento Series S Diving Watch – A Time-Honored Hero!

The times create heroes, and each era has a popular feature of the times. Keeping up with the times and being popular can be the pioneer of an era! If you miss this age, then even if you are good again, you will not be surprised by the unexpected feelings! Just like the birth of the 1975 Amy Bento series S diving watch, that period has already missed the golden age of diving watch development, although Amy is still reluctant to give up on the diving watch. The diving watch is still designed, but it can only be put into the Benz series, although it is not very good.

The Amy Bento series S diving watch has a clear scale, the Arabic numerals are eye-catching, and the red elements give the disc a better visual experience. The calendar opening at 6 o’clock has a good degree of integration with the disc surface, does not destroy the overall layout of the disc, and the reading is very convenient and clear. The left case is designed with an automatic exhaust valve, which makes the watch more comfort watch to wear under the deep sea. There is no need to worry about excessive internal pressure in the housing, which will cause damage to its components. The surface of this watch is like a torch, the brightness is dazzling in the dark, and the duration of the night light is long.

The Amy Bento S diving watch movement features an ML 115 self-winding movement with a 38-hour power reserve and 28,800 vibrations per hour. From the parameter point of view, ML 115 is likely to change from ETA2824 or similar movement, the performance is very swatch. This watch is stylish and avant-garde, it is also a more versatile sports diving watch, is a model of Le Méridien diving watch.

Can A Waterproof Watch Take A Swim?

The question about whether a waterproof watch can swim or not depends mainly on which waterproof level your watch is. Water-Resistant, 30m waterproof (30m, 3ATM, 3BAR), 50m waterproof (50m, 5ATM, 5BAR).

The 30 or 50 meters here does not mean that you can dive 30 or 50 meters, but it is equivalent to the pressure of 30, 50 meters in the static state. These three labels belong to the same level – life waterproof, you can understand to prevent a small amount of rain and splashing water.

100 meters waterproof (100m, 10ATM, 10BAR), you can wear it to wash the car, shower, but you can not soak it in the water.

300 meters waterproof (300m, 30ATM, 30BAR), this label represents a professional-grade waterproof watch that can be used for snorkeling. These watches usually have a rotating bezel, a helium-filled valve, and the time scale must be covered with a luminous coating to ensure the readability of the underwater information. Without these qualities, even if the waterproof depth is high, it is not a diving watch.

Can a waterproof watch take a swim? Can a waterproof watch make a hot spring?

Waterproof watches are not allowed to wear hot springs. Waterproof watches can be exposed to small amounts of moisture, such as a small amount of water when washing hands. However, there are some waterproof watches that can be immersed in water, and we should explain the depth of the water that the watch can resist. The depth of this resilience is measured by laboratory-tested atmospheric pressure standards (ATM or bar). Each 1 atmosphere is equivalent to a hydrostatic pressure of 10 meters. Any waterproof watch can not be used in hot water, even if it is waterproof 1000 meters. Because hot water can damage the seal of the watch, causing the watch to enter the water.

Waterproof watch against hot water?

Many people want to know if the waterproof watch can be prevented from cold water and hot water. Let’s take a look!

The seal of the waterproof watch is sealed by the rubber ring inside the watch. The rubber material itself has a life limit. Heating causes the rubber to soften, the elasticity increases, the deformation is more likely to cause leakage, and the degree of aging of the rubber is accelerated.

It can be seen that what kind of water the watch can protect depends on the material used for the sealing ring. If you use ordinary rubber, then hot water is definitely not protected; but if you use fluoro rubber, it is not a problem if you throw it into the hot spring. Generally, the meters marked with a water resistance of more than 100 meters are basically sealed with fluoro rubber, which can be used with confidence.

New Marley Dragon Flyback Chronograph Elegance Vintage Style Design

Carl F. Bucherer’s new 18K rose gold retro style with a nostalgic aesthetic, combining precious metal aesthetics, retro elegance, and top-notch craftsmanship; The core assembly column wheel timing structure, accurate timing and easy operation; while the watch’s black and red details match the ingenuity, with an antelope leather strap, adding a touch of elegance and style to the nostalgic charm.

Retro style, stylish charm

The design of the new work is inspired by the styles of Bucherer’s sixties and seventies. It contains the glory of the years and the glory of the eternal style. The diameter of the 14-meter-diameter 18K rose gold case is smooth, curved sapphire crystal, and a chic circle. The shape chronograph button, the hollow rose gold sword-shaped pointer and the wedge-shaped inlaid hour-marks and other details are rich in the aesthetics of the watch design.

The retro color and fashion details of this Marley dragon flyback chronograph are fascinating: the black radiant dial with two small silver dials, the small seconds dial and the 30 minute counter, and the bright red “Flyback” lettering and minute scale The red mid-range chronograph second hand, the dial at the edge of the dial, and the date display at 6 o’clock are meticulous, with contrasting colors and craftsmanship; dark grey suede antelope leather strap with red car line and 18K rose gold Folding pin buckles, gorgeous charm echoes each other.

Precision performance

The aesthetics of the Malilong flyback chronograph is not only reflected in the appearance but also inside and outside. The CFB 1970 self-winding chronograph movement has a 42-hour power reserve, and the movement parts are decorated with fine fish scales and Geneva patterns. The column wheel timing structure is a representative traditional watchmaking process. The column-wheel chronograph movement has a precise structure, which makes the start, stop and return to zero of the flyback timing function easier. Just press the chronograph button and the second hand will return instantly. Zero and automatically start another timing program. In addition, the wearer can enjoy the precise structure and timing of the movement from the sapphire crystal case back.

The new 18K rose gold vintage is the 8th model of the Marley Dragon flyback chronograph. Other styles include an elegant rose gold case with a black, silver or champagne gold dial; a steel case with a silver or blue-gray dial. There is also a retro steel case with a black dial. The Bucherer watch craftsmanship is perfect, conveying the world’s amazing watchmaking craftsmanship from the Made of Lucerne.

 Bucherer background information

The internationally renowned Swiss watch brand, Bucherer, was founded in 1888 and is headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland. Bucherer is a luxury independent watchmaking brand, part of the Bucherer Group. The group is now at the helm of Jörg G. Bucherer, the third generation of the Bucherer family; since 2010, Sascha Moeri has served as global CEO of Bucherer.

With more than 200 employees in more than 25 countries, Bucherer has partners in China, Germany, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  Bucherer’s independent research and development time and movement, producing about 25,000 watches per year. Among them, the outer-edge self-winding oscillating movement is an important milestone in the development of the brand. Its power is derived from the rotation of the outer oscillating weight along the periphery of the movement, showing the precise structure of the movement, and the beautiful workmanship is unobstructed. The traditional self-winding oscillating weight is unmatched.

In addition, Bucherer is the first watch brand to mass-produce the outer-edge self-winding oscillating movement, which is another milestone in the history of the brand. For 130 years, Bucherer has always been internationally renowned for its quality, style, and excellence.

2014 Christmas Watch Recommended: German GO Glashütte Watch Special

Glashütte was born in the small town of Glashütte near Dresden in 1845. With the wonderful time of Christmas, I chose three beautiful timepieces to become a romantic testimony: the ultimate craftsmanship creates a mystery between the wrists. The mechanical kingdom; the star-like diamonds light up the deep Christmas night sky; the double gooseneck trim is like a winged elk, flying in the wrist. This is like a pure and radiant Christmas twenty-six-star star, letting you shine the brilliant light of Dresden’s night as a lover’s or a couple’s ultimate gift of ecstasy and brilliance, witnessing this time with time The season of love and love.

The Glashütte original member of the Senator Manual Winding Skeletonized Edition presents Glashütte’s original watchmaking wisdom and artistic attainments to the discerning connoisseurs, just as everything is created, and each time becomes beautiful. This timepiece is exquisitely carved to illustrate the essence of the watchmaker’s 49-13 movement. This filigree craftsmanship is protected by a double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, while the anti-reflective sapphire crystal case on the back of the case allows the wearer to enjoy the ingenious carvings and delicate patterns in the movement.

This elegant two-hand model features a 42 mm red gold case with a perfectly polished case that outlines the hand-wound movement that has been carefully crafted to surprise people. With 40 hours of power storage, it is a masterpiece created by fine watchmaking. The silver-plated openwork dial and the black orbital minute-scale ring contrast with the carefully crafted Roman numerals. The chic blue steel hour and minute hands show the passage of time, interpreting the meaning of the watch as a “time writer”.