A Small Watch Brand Within A Thousand Dollars, The Student Party Can Also Wear A Watch

The watch’s practical and beautiful accessories always make people feel impulsive. However, its high price is often the biggest stumbling block to suppress the purchasing power of the student party. Then introduce a few niche watch brands below, I hope that you can also be beautiful.

In fact, for young people who are students, there is no need to pursue a big watch. There is a saying that is good, only by the right, do not buy expensive. Today, Su Shi carefully selected four distinctive watch brands, and the student price party within the thousand yuan is also acceptance. Put them on, the beautiful and beautiful out of the wrist!

American Rumba Time

Rumbatime is an independent fashion watch designer brand from New York. It has a wide range of styles and styles. It is the kind of fashion DNA that comes out of the womb.

The brand is inspired by New York, and the three-dimensional dial with colorful colors, whether matched with any piece of clothing in your closet, is enough to be the most beautiful embellishment. Therefore, Rumbatime is also known as “fashion on the wrist.”

Rumbatime has played a little fresh, and also holds the aristocratic fan, in short, the feel you want, there must be a Rumbatime to meet. Brands with such high value and friendly price, there is no reason not to plant grass.

French Girl only

The Girl only butterfly watch (Go) is a female watch brand from France and is highly sought after in the region. The brand is tailor-made for girls to fashion watches, through the perfect integration of watches and fashion trends to highlight the taste and style of women.

Go is good at combining the creative dial with the enamel crystal, and with a colorful strap to highlight its artistic style with rich French romance.

The light and elegant butterfly is the brand’s image logo, and the design of the butterfly embellished dial can be seen in many series.

The decorative effect of the Go watch is very strong, and the belts, trinkets, gems, etc. with individual colors can clearly reflect the emotions and characteristics of women. Therefore, even the actor Natalie Portman and the supermodel Karlie Kloss can’t put it down.

Komono, Belgium

KOMONO is a fashion watch brand from Belgium, established in 2009.

KOMONO stands for “small things” and uses Retro-Futuro’s design concept to combine classics with fashion to launch neutral watches. Men and women are loved by young people.

KOMONO’s design style is to blur the retro and avant-garde focus, break through the gender boundaries, and give the watch a new and immortal soul through modern techniques and colorful colors. Therefore, KOMONO’s works are often impressive.

The KOMONO watch box that pursues artistic integrity is very refined. The color of a watch box is consistent with the strap, which perfectly explains the unique cultural charm of young people.

Thailand Forrest

The FORREST brand is from the hands of Thai designer Mink Thepsawarin, who is known as one of the “most mysterious female designers in Asia.” Her design philosophy is to “integrate nature into life”, and the style is not unusual. The brand’s most famous forest collection is inspired by grass, wood and stone, and the clean, yet fresh dial makes it feel relaxed and comfort watch.

The wood grain watch is soft and restrained, and the delicate texture seems to smell the woody aroma.

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