Akteo watch brand introduction

Akteo is a very unique watch brand. This brand of watch pointers are very special, using a lot of different elements, the design is very distinctive, very interesting, let’s understand the brand below!

What brand is akteo?

The design brand AKTEO from France is very interesting. The design inspiration of each watch comes from a profession. Therefore, every watch of AKTEO is called “identity”. Not only do the articles on the dial, but even the pointers are subversive creative designs based on the theme. Maybe you are a chef who is good at cooking; maybe you are a magician who has changed his face to a plain person; maybe as a painter, you can be born under the brush; you as a racing driver I really have a cool career; maybe you are a superpower owner hidden in the crowd, and you will fly on the broom in the evening. The sweetest is to count this, let your other half feel your confession every minute. AKTEO’s strap can be disassembled, easy to match with the travel dress, and also confessed to his own career, without opening, poke his watch on the line, super cool ~

There are hundreds of watchs involving art, sport, profession, nature, life and other major categories. At first, they were attracted by the surface of a painter-like palette. I didn’t think there was a lot of careers in the official website. Even the doctors divided the ophthalmology. Doctors, obstetricians, dentists, etc. The dial and the pointer are selected with a certain representative pattern, the color is fresh, the sun is full of three-dimensional, and the niche is unique.

If the student party and the first time into the workplace can only wear the same jewelry, exquisite and full of love for the profession, akteo is the best choice.

AKTEO is a French design brand. The French people who play will not be unique in the design of watches. The traditional shape of the watch pointer has changed a lot in AKTEO. Violins, pens, flowers… even cows, all you can think of, AKTEO can turn it into a fun watch pointer. Under the decoration of the creative pointer, each watch becomes an identity or hobby. Symbol. Although most dials do not have a scale, it is difficult to identify the time, but who said that the role of the watch is only to watch the time? (When wearing such a watch to attend a party, the chances of being picked up will be much greater.) In addition to life and art, The designers of AKTEO have not forgotten the sports that boys like. Golf, tennis, motorcycles, racing… there is always one for you.

Vacheron Constantin’s series of full-calendar rose gold watches – poison at your fingertips!

The full calendar display of the watch has been widely used since the 40s and 50s of the last century. It appears to allow the wearer to quickly understand the three main elements of the calendar information: date, week and month. The traditional full calendar display date function relies on the date number on the outermost side of the dial and a central pointer to indicate, while the other two windows (week and month) are usually placed in the upper half of the dial. Vacheron Constantin has always had a special liking for the display of this complex function, and today brings you this Vacheron Constantin series of full calendar rose gold watch 4010T/000R-B344, through which you can get a close look at the unique charm of the full calendar!

The Cal.2460 QCL self-winding movement is built-in and is independently developed by Vacheron Constantin. It accurately guarantees the perfect synchronization of hours, minutes, seconds, full calendar and moon phase. It is assembled from 308 components with a vibration frequency of 4 Hz and a 40-hour power reserve. Through the sapphire crystal case back, its exquisite 22k gold oscillating weight. The brand is also equipped with a dark brown crocodile leather strap with a rose gold pin buckle!

How are Citizen’s light kinetic energy and mechanical watch quality?

Watches have been in existence for many years since their invention, and many watches with different characteristics and functions have been born during this long development. Japan’s Citizen is a famous watch brand with many different styles of watches and is also sought after by many watch lovers. Among them, Citizen Optoelectronics watches and mechanical watches are the most popular.

1. How is the quality of Citizen’s light kinetic energy and mechanical watches?

How are Citizen’s light kinetic energy and mechanical watch quality?

Citizen is a famous watch brand in Japan, and many watches launched by Citizen are refreshing and give a new definition of watches. Citizen’s kinetic energy watch is one of Citizen’s most popular watch series. Unlike mechanical and quartz watches, the use of light sources as energy drives, that is, environmental protection and saves the earth’s resources, meets the requirements of modern society. Citizen mechanical watches are at the low-end level in the world. Although there is a gap with Swiss brand-name watches, the quality is relatively reliable.

The citizen watch brand has been established for a long time, and it also has its own watchmaking process and characteristics. The quality of Citizen’s light function and mechanical watches is relatively guaranteed, and consumers can purchase with confidence.

2, Citizen City kinetic energy watch ranking

How are Citizen’s light kinetic energy and mechanical watch quality?

Citizen watches have certain popularity in the world, and the kinetic energy watch is an important product of Citizen. The design of energy-saving and environmental protection has been recognized by many consumers. There is clear regulation on the international ranking of watch rankings. If it is the global radio wave kinetic energy, Citizen is the first in the world.

In terms of ranking, this “first” ranking shows that the quality of most of Citizen’s watches is guaranteed, and it is inexpensive and the price is below 10,000. The same watch brands include Seiko, Oriental Swan, and Casio, etc., which are also well-known watch brands.

The products produced in Japan have always been sought after by consumers around the world with good quality. The quality of watches from Citizen Japan is unquestionable. The unique light source drive technology of Citizen’s kinetic energy watches also makes Citizen watches stand out among many watch brands. Consumers interested in Citizen’s optical kinetic energy and mechanical watches, do not have to worry about the quality of the watch, you can rest assured to buy.

What is the difference between a fine imitation and a replica watch?

This is not to be confused, because the quality of different high-quality imitation watches is different and we need to distinguish them. First of all, we should know that there are mainly three high-imitation brand watches on the market: general high-imitation brand watches, fine imitation brand watches, and re-branded watches. The average brand watch is what we call a low imitation brand watch, and the price is very cheap. The quality is also very low, factory construction, a look at fakes, of course, this watch is not determined to take a long time, it is not worth buying, the exquisite imitation brand watch will become more refined in appearance. But cheap equipment can’t pursue its performance, and its durability is low and its performance is low. It is not suiwatch for us to buy, so I suggest you choose a branded watch.

Re-branded watches are what we call complex imitation brand watches. According to the original brand watch, it is made up of one-on-one molds, pursuing high resilience with real products, appearance with real products, and the choice of fine steel raw materials. In addition to the fine polishing of the sapphire mirror, the strap is also a selection of cowhide material, which is very comforwatch to wear, but in the connotation equipment, the connotation structure and movement are customized, the complex engraving brand watch chooses high-quality sports, it makes the watch The kinetic energy is sufficient, it works well, the case and appearance materials are exquisite, very wear-resistant, and highly durable. Some details about the brand watches are also handled elegantly, with the case, strap, and crown. The brand logo is very delicate, so the branded watch is actually very high-end, and has a high degree of repair and real products. The price is around 2000-3000, and the ratio of performance to price is also high. You can wear it confidently to important occasions. It is no problem to use it for ten years. Of course, you also need to take care of it.

Fine imitation watch, in order to consider the degree of simulation, the materials used in the fine imitation watch are as consistent as possible with the original. At this time, the fidelity is over 80%.

The re-engraving watch is exquisite in craftsmanship. It is based on the authentic 1:1 imitation system, keeping the material in line with the authentic height and adopting the fine grinding process.

How about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore?

Royal Oak/ Royal oak offshore is one of the top three luxury sports watches in the world (the other two are PATEK PHILIPPE’s nautilus and Vacheron Constantin), and there are so many people who like it, so no matter whether in the primary market or the secondary market, they are very hot and strong. Royal Oak/Royal Oak is offshore and is very familiar to the player’s watch, and many people wear it. How about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore? Many veteran players know that the royal oak was designed by jiro zunda, so today I want to tell you a very interesting thing, royal oak offshore, why is this?

Royal Oak was launched in 1972 and launched at sea in 1993.

As we all know, the royal oak was designed by the famous designer zunda jiro zunda (died in 2011) and launched in 1972. In 1989, Abby’s CEO Stephen Urquhart wanted to launch a royal oak for young people, because statistically, the average purchaser of ordinary royal oak is over 40 years old. Abby wants to launch a watch that appeals to young people. This is why the Royal Oak was launched offshore. The CEO handed the task to a designer working at the Abbey Church to design the new Royal Oak. This is the designer of Emmanuel Gate, the Royal Oak Offshore Company, as shown below.

My brother started designing the offshore model. The first thing he did was to increase the size of the watch. The early Royal Oak was a small modern standard when the 5402 was 39 mm (then large at the time). Emmanuel Gueit found that many women have already worn men’s watches, so he plans to increase the size of the watch. He designed the Royal Oak Coast Watch for men. There is no doubt that he is ahead of his time. The 42mm offshore model is perfect for today’s size.

The first royal oak boat, type 25721, launched in 1993

The early Royal Oak Sea model used rubber chronograph buttons and a rubber crown (now 26470 is a ceramic button and crown). This is because the rubber can expand when heated, and there is a ring in the middle of the timing button, crown, and case. Rubber can be used to resist hot water and water vapor from entering the watch. Royal oak marine rubber works between minus 45 degrees and 165 degrees (up to 180 degrees) and is an advanced material in the 1980s.

The first Royal Oak was launched in 1993 and was named 25721.

 Type overseas designer Emanuel Gueit said that when using the product, the movement, because the early Royal Oak offshore type is close, the bottom case is designed with a magnetic inner shell layer, because the magnetic inner shell layer, so take up space The size of the product family this sport is small, the right size, so choose this product to go home sports (Abby, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin once had a family product sports tradition).

Royal Oak Sea Structure Chart, 1993.

At first, he didn’t know.

Because the new design of the Royal Oak offshore is much different than the traditional version of the Royal Oak, especially for such a large size, too different, because the size is too large, the first offshore type is called “beast” in English is a beast (Foreigners), so Abby is also lacking in my heart. Consider whether it is right or wrong to launch an offshore type. This is why the sea version was originally designed in 1989 and was introduced only in 1993. Because this is very confusing.

In 1993, the first Royal Oak Sea was 25,721 units.

Finally, in 1993, Abby released the Royal Oak Offshore (Type 25721), which initially started with only 1,000 vehicles for testing water quality. Among the top 100, only the English word “Royal Oak” was written on the bottom cover of the watch, but none of them was written, “Off Shore”. Later, the word “offshore” was added to the watch. Students familiar with royal oaks should know that there are prefixes in the history of royal oaks, starting with D and then E. According to the batch, you can use the prefix to judge the production time. The end result is clear to all of you. The Royal Oak Coast Fire is still burning today.

What is the difference between today’s offshore market and the past?

In 2014, the 42mm Royal Oaks Sea was renewed at 26,470, 42mm Royal Oak Sea (plus a 44mm sea model). There are two major upgrades on the 42mm sea model introduced in 1993.

For the Royal Oak Sea 26470, pay attention to the ceramic crown and ceramic timing buttons.

1. The old sea crown, the buttons are rubber; when selling the sea crown, the button is replaced by ceramic.

  • The old offshore model uses a purchased timing movement and a solid bottom cover;

In addition to the important upgrades of the two technical configurations, the use of larger offshore grid decoration in the sale, the target ratio when adjusting the surface, the details have also been adjusted to become more fashionable and trendy. But since 1993, the overall appearance of the Royal Abbey Oak has remained essentially unchanged. The overseas version of Royal Oak is now widely distributed on the market. New funds, old funds, commemorative funds, special funds, etc., when you want to see the material time button, generally only look at the crown, ceramics, rubber, watching sports infiltration, can Judging most overseas new and old fund models.

For sale: Royal Oak Sea 26470, completely bottom, and use Eppie’s homemade 3126 chronograph movement.

Last but not least, it is important to note that Abby’s 25th Anniversary Offshore Type in 2018 launched the 25th Anniversary Offshore Model (26237), completely mimicking the 1993 offshore look, crown and thick bottom, Rubber button, but using Abby produced 3126 timing exercise (see), please pay attention to the distinction. Usually, if there is no extraordinary plot, the 42mm offshore model, you can buy 2647 with a public price of 190,000. The specific color can be chosen by yourself.

Three streamlined atmospheric watches recommended

This year is the 30th year of China (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair. As the largest professional exhibition of watches and jewelry in Mainland China, we saw a number of new works launched by Chinese watch brands at the exhibition, which expressed the spirit of innovation and inheritance of domestic watches. Indeed, China has not entered the modern watch industry for a long time. It is still making progress in technology and creation, but there are also many domestic watches that are attractive enough. Today, the watch family recommends three domestic watches with good value for you. See if you like it?

Beijing watch classic series BG050512 watch

Watch Comments: This classic series of elite watches, diameter 38.5 mm, suiwatch for slim wrists, and men who like to match the small men’s watch. The case is made of rose gold-plated stainless steel, and the dark blue dial is decorated with a hydraulic three-dimensional sun pattern, which transmits energy and vitality. When it is gently rotated, it will show a dynamic circular flow, with the rose gold hour markers and hands more atmospheric.

FIYTA wind series GA801001.WLW watch

Watch Comments: This FIYTA Fengzhi series watch is a classic style daily men’s watch created by FIYTA. The diameter of the watch is 39.8 mm, made of stainless steel, and the blue dial is decorated with a sun sand pattern. A calendar display window is available at 3 o’clock. The overall style is simple and elegant, with a detailed “seven beads” structure bracelet, the overall appearance not only has the exquisite appearance of the watch, but also the vitality of the sports watch.

Rossini Yazun Business Series 8633W05C Watch

Watch Comments: Rossini was formerly a watch manufacturer in Switzerland opened in Singapore. In 1984, he moved to Zhuhai. This Rosina Business Collection is made of stainless steel with a 42 mm silver case. The blue dial is decorated with a solar radioactive pattern. The 9 o’clock position has hollow design and a rich layer of vision. At 11 o’clock, there is a 24-hour display panel with a distinctive red small pointer for clearer reading. The design of the bridge at the crown makes the overall style of the watch tough and protects the crown from bumps.

Summary: Many watch friends’ impressions of domestic watches remain in the old impressions of cheap, rough, low-segment, etc. In fact, we may wish to jump out of prejudice and see the efforts and development of Chinese local watch brands. In the modern watch industry, Chinese watch brands are still very young, and they must continue to advance in watchmaking technology. However, we will also find that there are a lot of domestic watches, the value of the customs, the price is real, it is also worth considering.

What is the function of Apple Watch?

I saw that the Apple Watch is so powerful.

Apple Watch’s features, read the following, you will find Apple Watch is so powerful.

Apple Watch, like other Apple electronics, has a variety of features, as follows:

1, personalized interface

Apple Watch has a variety of personalized dials, users can personalize the home page layout of Apple Watch on the iPhone through the virtual interface of the “Companion” application, and change and customize the settings.

2, the clock

Apple Watch has a new clock interface, users can set 1-4 virtual letters, such as the initials of the household name, embedded in the dial to provide a more personalized clock display.

3, telephone, information

Apple Watch also supports phone answering, SMS receiving and sending functions. Although there is no keyboard, users can use voice to reply to information. In addition, the user may choose not to receive SMS notifications or only receive information sent by the specified contact.

4, map navigation

The Apple Watch has a map navigation feature that allows the user to turn on the Topic Engine software device in the watch, which is a linear actuator that produces tactile feedback. In the process of using map navigation, when you need to turn, the Apple Watch map will vibrate.

5, auxiliary functions

In addition to the various features described above, Apple Watch also has a variety of auxiliary functions, such as weather, flight information, playing music, measuring heartbeat, step counting, connecting cars, watching video images remotely, and so on.

By knowing that Apple Watch has the functions of supporting phone, SMS, clock, map navigation, playing music and so on.

Men’s watch is properly worn

Watches are an accessory that many men love, a symbol of taste and identity. But wearing a watch is also very particular about it, it is related to health and beauty. The following man is the type to expose the correct position of the men’s watch.

Medical research shows that the human mouth and the mouth of the wrist are connected to the three pulse points of the human body. Its three veins have a great relationship with people’s physical health. This pulse point corresponds to the heart, the male left female right, the male’s heart is in the left position. Therefore, it is concluded that if a man wears a watch on his left hand, it will affect the normal operation of the heart. Therefore, it can be seen that the correct position of the men’s watch is in the right hand.

Men’s watch wear meaning

In today’s society, watches are more than just tools for looking at the time. Wearing a watch usually reflects that the person has a strong sense of time, is honest and trustworthy. In addition, men wear watches, it is a kind of self-confidence and steady performance, which can improve personal temperament and image.

Men’s watch wearing precautions

1. Wear different watches for different occasions

Men wear watches and choose different types on different occasions to highlight their unique tastes. In general, the more solemn the case, the better the watch is worn.

For those who don’t want to buy so many watches, it is recommended to buy a neutral style watch.

2, do not wear a watch to sleep

Wearing a watch to sleep, the strap tightens the wrist, if the wrist artery is pressed for a long time, it is easy to adversely affect the health of the body. Not only will it shorten the life of the watch, but it also is not conducive to health.

The above is the correct wearing position of the men’s watch and related content introduction, I hope to help everyone.

Some tips on men’s watch maintenance

How do you pay attention to the maintenance of all kinds of watches? I believe many of my friends will ignore it, so let’s take a look.

What should I do if the watch is flooded?

If you encounter problems with the water in the watch, quickly use a paper towel or a towel to dry the surface of the water, or use a hairdryer to adjust to a small wind and blow it for a few minutes. If the water is very serious, send it to the water. Maintenance office.

How to maintain the mechanical watch

It’s best to keep it up every day for a fixed amount of time, but be careful not to get too tight. If it’s too tight, it’s likely to be broken because it’s too elastic.

How to maintain gold-plated watches

Gold-plated watches should not be exposed to chemicals, such as sulfur soap, etc., and to keep the surface clean, it is best not to carry it during exercise, because sweat will corrode the gold-plated watch.

How to maintain the electronic watch

When the electronic watch has no electricity, the electrons should be taken out, because the electrons that are not in the electricity remain in the watch, and there is a possibility that the electrons will corrode the movement. Also, don’t use too much force when pressing the electronic watch button.

Other maintenance tips

1. Don’t put your watch in the closet where you often store mothballs.

2, often open the back cover of the watch is not a good habit, because the gray layer will enter the watch core and will affect the operation of the watch.

3, do not bring the watch into the sauna or the hot springs, the high-temperature environment is very unfavorable to the watch.

How to carry out the maintenance of the watch, I believe you have already learned.

Why is the ceramic bezel so expensive?

Speaking of ceramics, many people may have such a childhood experience: in the art class, the teacher brought a pile of clay, the children made a lot of mud and finally made a bunch of strange ceramic cups… Perhaps it is the initial impression of many people on ceramics.

However, today, ceramics have got rid of this “old and ugly” label, many high-grade ceramics have become the toon in watchmaking materials, ceramic bezels, ceramic cases, etc. are endless, and with its solid Durable nature and beautiful shape have been loved by people. The most typical example is the water ghost.

The ceramic bezel is one of the killing tricks of the water ghost

Although ceramic materials are so popular, many watchers have only heard of its reputation, but have little knowledge of its principles. Today, we will come to you for science, why can ceramics be used in watchmaking, what advantages and disadvantages does it have, and how we should choose.

Ceramics are inorganic non-metallic materials composed of metallic and non-metallic compounds. This is a conforming material that contains some metal components, but cannot be defined as a metal; the remainder of the mixture consists of complementary non-metallic materials, and when these non-metallic materials are combined, A special material with different properties – ceramic.

Ceramic is the most rigid and hardest material in engineering materials, but because it is too hard, it also gives it a “brittle”. This is the opposite of metal.

To understand the difference between the two, you can imagine this: Metal material is like a bunch of rubber bands tied into a ball, the ball feels very strong, but because the rubber is easy to deform, it is quite elastic when pressed. This metaphor is slightly exaggerated, but it is very consistent with the characteristics of metal materials. The type of metal bond makes the atom move under pressure, so the metal can change shape by hammering.

But ceramics are different. For example, ceramics are like a building block made of interconnected hardwood sticks. This is a more sturdy structure that does not easily deform when stressed. But just because they are “reluctant” and not deformed, they will continue to withstand more and more force until the force is strong enough to destroy the connected sticks, and the whole structure collapses. The ceramics are broken. Come.

To explain with a little scientific explanation, it is because the combination of ionic and covalent bonds in ceramic materials is very strong and swatch, these keys are firmly locked in their own positions, and it is difficult for external forces to separate them. Therefore, the ceramic material can remain strong under great pressure.

However, it should be noted that the “stubborn” of ceramics only appears when dealing with compressive forces. In the face of shear, tension or high-speed impact, the resistance of the ceramic will be seriously reduced. The reason for this involves some material science knowledge. I try to explain it easily: in ceramics, the inherent strength of chemical bonds and the formation of crystals microscopically cause the material to have a direction, the shape of the particles (microcrystals) It’s a bit like a pile of stones, and the direction is random. At the micro-level, this stack will have granular boundaries that are just aligned with each other, creating a continuous granularity boundary where aggregate sliding can occur. It takes a lot of force to slide them, but once they slide, they move away from the complementary grain boundaries and cannot find a new position, causing the material to continue to slip outward and begin to break. A summary of the sentence: the more stubborn, the more painful when broken.

It should be noted that the force required to cause the grain boundary to slip in the ceramic material is very large, so in most cases, the ceramic material is difficult to break or deform. If you want a material that doesn’t respond and has no traces, no matter how strong the pain is, then ceramics is your best choice, and their resistance to deformation is really good. However, if you focus on a small point to “attack” it, the grain boundary will easily slip and the material will break. Just as you knock a stone with a big hammer, it may not be a reaction for a long time; but if you take a pointed slap, you can break the stone twice.

With the help of modern technology, we have been able to artificially control the size, shape and overall distribution of ceramic particles to create ceramic materials with different characteristics. Some ceramic materials can produce and withstand certain plastic deformations (the properties become somewhat similar to metals and can be bent); some ceramic materials can withstand high pressures and shear forces…these different types of ceramics It is used on the case, bezel and other watch parts as needed, making your watch resistant to scratches and abrasions.

The advantages and disadvantages of ceramics are equally obvious. For other materials, once they are formed, they usually do not break completely under the action of force, but bend or restore shape after deformation in an instant; ceramics are different, once the force of the ceramic is too large to deform, Then this deformation is often permanent. For example, when the gem in the movement is damaged, the form is fragmented, and then the debris is scattered everywhere; while the rod or gear inside the movement is damaged, it is often simply bent or broken, far less so “tough” “. This is the reason why the movement material rarely uses ceramics. Except for a few large parts such as splints, other parts are exposed to great risks.

Today, ceramic materials are used in a variety of applications, depending on the characteristics, they can be used as insulation materials, bulletproof materials, wear-resistant surfaces, precision instrument materials, and electrical insulators. There is even a special kind of ceramic that can be changed from an insulator to a superconductor under ultra-low temperature conditions.

ceramic knife

These ceramics have thousands of processing methods and they are manufactured in different ways. Many people may ask: Since ceramics have such strong resistance to deformation and wear, how should they be processed? This is indeed a technically demanding problem, and the general production process can’t handle it.

Ceramic materials will also be used on aircraft

In general, the process of making a ceramic material is first molded, then heat-treated (sintered) until the material reaches the desired density, and finally ground. Although ceramics are very hard, they are not the hardest objects in the world. There are always things that are harder than them, such as diamonds. Therefore, diamond tools and diamond abrasives are often used in the processing of ceramics.

The process is the same when making a ceramic case or ceramic bezel. The ceramic slurry is now formed into the desired shape and then dried and cured. The shape at this time is definitely not perfect, so you need to use diamond tools for further polishing. After the shape is polished, the temperature and pressure changes are used to sinter the ceramic until a satisfactory density is obtained. During the sintering process, the ceramic material will shrink to a certain extent. This shrinkage phenomenon is divided into three stages. The degree of shrinkage in the middle stage is the most severe, and the degree of each different ceramic material is different, so if In order to get the desired finished product size, it must be accurately predicted and controlled throughout the process. After the sintering is completed, it is also necessary to use a diamond tool for grinding and polishing.

Due to its strong hardness and wear resistance, ceramics are now very popular in the watch industry, and they are often seen in exterior parts such as cases, bezels, and mirrors. Of course, like all other materials, ceramics have their own drawbacks, such as too high a brittleness, which makes them rarely used on the movement.

The information about ceramics is all-encompassing. The above is just the tip of the iceberg. I just want to make everyone more aware of what ceramics are, how they are made, and how they can be applied. In this way, everyone knows how to choose expensive ceramic watches.

Would you buy a watch made of ceramic material?