Akteo watch brand introduction

Akteo is a very unique watch brand. This brand of watch pointers are very special, using a lot of different elements, the design is very distinctive, very interesting, let’s understand the brand below!

What brand is akteo?

The design brand AKTEO from France is very interesting. The design inspiration of each watch comes from a profession. Therefore, every watch of AKTEO is called “identity”. Not only do the articles on the dial, but even the pointers are subversive creative designs based on the theme. Maybe you are a chef who is good at cooking; maybe you are a magician who has changed his face to a plain person; maybe as a painter, you can be born under the brush; you as a racing driver I really have a cool career; maybe you are a superpower owner hidden in the crowd, and you will fly on the broom in the evening. The sweetest is to count this, let your other half feel your confession every minute. AKTEO’s strap can be disassembled, easy to match with the travel dress, and also confessed to his own career, without opening, poke his watch on the line, super cool ~

There are hundreds of watchs involving art, sport, profession, nature, life and other major categories. At first, they were attracted by the surface of a painter-like palette. I didn’t think there was a lot of careers in the official website. Even the doctors divided the ophthalmology. Doctors, obstetricians, dentists, etc. The dial and the pointer are selected with a certain representative pattern, the color is fresh, the sun is full of three-dimensional, and the niche is unique.

If the student party and the first time into the workplace can only wear the same jewelry, exquisite and full of love for the profession, akteo is the best choice.

AKTEO is a French design brand. The French people who play will not be unique in the design of watches. The traditional shape of the watch pointer has changed a lot in AKTEO. Violins, pens, flowers… even cows, all you can think of, AKTEO can turn it into a fun watch pointer. Under the decoration of the creative pointer, each watch becomes an identity or hobby. Symbol. Although most dials do not have a scale, it is difficult to identify the time, but who said that the role of the watch is only to watch the time? (When wearing such a watch to attend a party, the chances of being picked up will be much greater.) In addition to life and art, The designers of AKTEO have not forgotten the sports that boys like. Golf, tennis, motorcycles, racing… there is always one for you.