How To Do Amyron Watch Into The Water?

Amyron is a long-established Swiss brand with more than three hundred years of watchmaking history. Is it stunned, so what should I do when I use the Amyron watch? How to deal with it?

1, the degree of water intake of Amyron watch

There is fog in the Amyron watch glass, it is not very important, this can also be done by yourself. If there is water condensation in the watch glass, it is a bit serious. There is also a watch glass and dial with a lot of water drops or quickly sent to repair it.

2, Amyron watch into the water seriously to be sent to repair

After the Amyron watch enters the water, it is imperative to send it to the watch shop for drying. If it is serious, then wash the oil and re-oil it. If it is not sent for repair in time, it will easily lead to the rust inside the watch. But it is not a simple drying fee, but the cost of replacing parts and repairs, especially if the watch is easy to enter the water after repairing, then it is necessary to see if the waterproof rubber ring is aging or broken. Replace it in time to prevent the life of the watch from affecting.

3, Amyron watch maintenance rules

The grease is clogged and the watch can be washed with gasoline and then washed for maintenance purposes. The screw cap of the watch is broken and screwed off with a screwdriver. This can solve the problem of the internal parts of the watch.

It is best to place the desiccant in the place where the watch is placed, but avoid using chemicals such as mothballs and insecticides. The watch should be kept away from the damp environment for a long time. If the watch is abnormal, it should be sent to the special one immediately. Watch shop check.

The case or strap is like close-fitting clothing. It is directly in contact with human skin. If it is not cleaned, it will easily stain the cuffs of the clothes. It is also easy to cause itchy skin and skin allergies. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it clean. When you remove the watch, lightly wipe the body, strap, and buckle with a soft cloth to lengthen the life of the watch.

The watch is the longest tool and accessory that is usually worn on the body. It is usually maintained, the watch can accompany us for a longer period of time, and daily maintenance is not troublesome. It is not necessary to maintain it every day, but it should not be too Lazy for a few months without cleaning the watch.

What Is The Grade Of Amyron?

What is the number of Amy Long watch brands in the world? For many watch friends, it may still be awkward, and for most people, it may not even be heard by Amy Long. Then, which country’s watch brand is Amy Long, why are some watch friends who are among the world’s famous watches not heard of it? Today, I will come to reveal the Amylon brand.

1. Amy Long ranked number one in the world

Amy Long, “Emile Chouriet”, was born in 1685 and was born in Geneva, Switzerland. It is also one of the watch brands with a long history. It has a huge watchmaking team and superb watchmaking craftsmanship, especially the watch machine. The core timing is accurate and reliable, making it a Swiss brand recognized by the Swiss Watch Association.

Occupy a place in the world watch. After the Rolex, which is second only to luxury brands, it is equivalent to Aibo and Longines. In 2017, at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, Amyron watches showcased the Amyron heritage watch – the needle-free timepiece, which reflects Amyron’s breakthrough tradition and the spirit of innovation. The novel way to show time reveals its own unique charm.

2. What is the grade of Amyron?

Amy Long’s watches are generally around 10,000 yuan. However, it rarely appears in the list recommended by major watches. This is because their family has little effort in publicity, which makes its brand very small. The brand’s popularity is comparable to that of the same level of Longines. Few people know.

In fact, the price of its complex watches is much higher than Longines, and Amyron also has the craft and technology to make tourbillon movements. In this way, Amy Long’s “wine” is really because of the deep discount in the alley.

Although it is a niche brand, Amy Long has won a number of loyal fans with its design and quality. After today’s recommendation, after the watch friends want to buy a million-class watch, another brand can choose, and there is also a benefit to niche brands – they won’t hit the watch with others!