What is the function of Apple Watch?

I saw that the Apple Watch is so powerful.

Apple Watch’s features, read the following, you will find Apple Watch is so powerful.

Apple Watch, like other Apple electronics, has a variety of features, as follows:

1, personalized interface

Apple Watch has a variety of personalized dials, users can personalize the home page layout of Apple Watch on the iPhone through the virtual interface of the “Companion” application, and change and customize the settings.

2, the clock

Apple Watch has a new clock interface, users can set 1-4 virtual letters, such as the initials of the household name, embedded in the dial to provide a more personalized clock display.

3, telephone, information

Apple Watch also supports phone answering, SMS receiving and sending functions. Although there is no keyboard, users can use voice to reply to information. In addition, the user may choose not to receive SMS notifications or only receive information sent by the specified contact.

4, map navigation

The Apple Watch has a map navigation feature that allows the user to turn on the Topic Engine software device in the watch, which is a linear actuator that produces tactile feedback. In the process of using map navigation, when you need to turn, the Apple Watch map will vibrate.

5, auxiliary functions

In addition to the various features described above, Apple Watch also has a variety of auxiliary functions, such as weather, flight information, playing music, measuring heartbeat, step counting, connecting cars, watching video images remotely, and so on.

By knowing that Apple Watch has the functions of supporting phone, SMS, clock, map navigation, playing music and so on.