Citizen Watch Maintenance Method Citizen Watch Maintenance Precautions

Citizen’s mission is to provide high-end products and high-quality services, to create products that are close to the public, and to be a leader in the international watch industry. However, some of the friends who bought Citizen watches will have questions. Does Citizen Watch need maintenance? I will answer this question for you.

Citizen watches need to be maintained, the following is the maintenance method of Citizen watches.

1. If a Citizen watch is abnormal, it should be sent to a special watch shop for inspection.

2. Different watches should be worn on different occasions. For sports, it is best to use sports Citadel watches with excellent waterproof and shock resistance.

3. The mechanical automatic watch must be worn for more than 10 hours per day for sufficient operation.

4. If there is a watch with a WATER RESISTANT or 3ATM on the cover, it is generally only swatched for splashes or light rain without pressure.

5. The Citizen mechanical watch was wet, pressed with dry cotton on the watch, and then baked with a 40-watt bulb for 5 minutes, the moisture in the watch could all be evaporated.

6. After the Citizen watch has been marked with a lot of lines, you can drop one or two drops of water on the watch, then squeeze a little bit of toothpaste to remove the scratches and make the watch look like new.

7. Since the internal mechanical structure of each watch is different, under normal use, the error of the mechanical watch or mechanical automatic watch is within 30 seconds per day, and the error of the quartz watch is relatively low.

8. Special reminder, any Citizen watch should not be worn in warm water or bathroom, even if your Citizen watch is a waterproof watch, the surrounding water vapor molecules are relatively small, it is easy to seep into the case, causing internal mechanical damage.

Citizen Watch Maintenance Precautions

The Citizen mechanical watch is driven by the mechanical gear and the spring. It is watched that the rotation will cause friction. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel and lubricate for a long time to reduce the wear rate of the parts. Otherwise, when the problem is solved, the problem is already very serious.

It is best to return to the home of the Citizen mechanical watch every year to check if there is any improper use or water intake. In particular, Taiwan’s climate is hot and humid, sweat, rain and dirty air have accumulated over the years, causing chronic erosion of machinery. The frequency and extent of damage are much higher than those in Europe, America, and Japan. Therefore, “regular inspection” is very important;

Then every three years need to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Usually, 30 meters or 50 meters of water resistance indicated on the watch refers to the data measured in the laboratory, using pure water. Usually, the waterproof demand for Citizen watches is limited to wearing a shower, washing hands, not swimming, diving, bathing. This will cause serious damage to the watch. These are the common sense of maintenance of Citizen mechanical watches.