Cyma Watch Introduction

Cyma is an old brand in Switzerland. Everyone knows that Switzerland is a country of watches and clocks. There are many famous watch brands. The brand of West Malaysia is behind the watches of Omega and Longines.

The price of Cyma watches is between a few thousand and ten thousand, about 4 or 5,000. Look at the watch. For a penny, Cyma should be a luxury, although the grade is not high, the grade is not high, but Good value for money

If you buy a Cyma mechanical watch, you need to wear it for 8 hours or more than 8 hours in a day. The mechanical watch, he relies on your hand to swing to get kinetic energy, the swing of the hand is waiting for it. Chains, if you don’t have enough time to wear, the lack of power will lead to slower time and errors, but don’t be too vigorous. You need to know that too much power and too much power are bad, and it will have an impact on the mechanical watch. Cyma’s mechanical watches generally do not have a minute of error. If the error is large, you can ask the store to find the reason, which may be temperature, magnetic field, and other reasons.