2014 Christmas Watch Recommended: German GO Glashütte Watch Special

Glashütte was born in the small town of Glashütte near Dresden in 1845. With the wonderful time of Christmas, I chose three beautiful timepieces to become a romantic testimony: the ultimate craftsmanship creates a mystery between the wrists. The mechanical kingdom; the star-like diamonds light up the deep Christmas night sky; the double gooseneck trim is like a winged elk, flying in the wrist. This is like a pure and radiant Christmas twenty-six-star star, letting you shine the brilliant light of Dresden’s night as a lover’s or a couple’s ultimate gift of ecstasy and brilliance, witnessing this time with time The season of love and love.

The Glashütte original member of the Senator Manual Winding Skeletonized Edition presents Glashütte’s original watchmaking wisdom and artistic attainments to the discerning connoisseurs, just as everything is created, and each time becomes beautiful. This timepiece is exquisitely carved to illustrate the essence of the watchmaker’s 49-13 movement. This filigree craftsmanship is protected by a double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, while the anti-reflective sapphire crystal case on the back of the case allows the wearer to enjoy the ingenious carvings and delicate patterns in the movement.

This elegant two-hand model features a 42 mm red gold case with a perfectly polished case that outlines the hand-wound movement that has been carefully crafted to surprise people. With 40 hours of power storage, it is a masterpiece created by fine watchmaking. The silver-plated openwork dial and the black orbital minute-scale ring contrast with the carefully crafted Roman numerals. The chic blue steel hour and minute hands show the passage of time, interpreting the meaning of the watch as a “time writer”.