Harry Williams Brand Introduction

Harry Williams Brand Introduction

Harry Williams from Italy’s light vintage fashion watch brand Harry Williams settled in China. Via the eternal city of Rome, the fashion city of Milan, wrapped in the literary atmosphere of Florence, the style of Venice. At the beginning of 2017, he officially entered the Chinese market and became a pioneer in Italian fashion watches.

It is not only a style but also a life attitude, a feeling! It is relaxed, pleasant, natural, and can be worn for daily work. It is not a design that follows the trend. Instead, it incorporates the unique charms of the old feelings, styles, crafts, and the most flavorful colors in the memory. Through modern eyes, it reinterprets, matches, changes, and evolves into a new dress that conforms to the current trend. It combines with modern style to showcase its own style. Committed to becoming the watch of every fashion enthusiast.

How about the Harry Williams watch?

Harry Williams, a watch brand from Italy, is a minimalist classic retro style. The designer advocates “anti-popularity”. The style is based on a simple large dial. The dial has no extra decoration except for LOGO and hands. It is cool and simple. The style is unforgetwatch. I have been greeted by the hipsters on Instagram. It is very simple and low-key style. It is very comfort watch no matter how it is matched. And the boyfriend is just a couple of couples, sprinkle some dog food, the design of the dial is very clean, coupled with a small fresh strap, scale, and Roman numerals instead of numbers, and some even have no scale, minimalism to the extreme.

The price of the watch of Harry Williams is about 1,500 yuan. It feels that the price is still very good. If you like this Italian style, then don’t miss Harry Williams!

Harry Williams with rules

1, people who often wear professional wear should choose a simple and elegant strap, belt and solid color and three-color nylon belt are preferred, pay attention to integrity, harmony, bracelet swatch for beading, best reflect the white-collar beauty’s elegant and elegant.

2, evening dresses, suede, and other expensive or thick fabrics, swatch for steel belts, leather straps, informal occasions, after all, decent is the most important.

3, casual clothing to wear the ancient art of the jewels will be more interesting, you can choose the bright color of the nylon belt, in order to promote personality.

4, such as silk and light clothing, the use of delicate and delicate jewelry, and then with three-color nylon belt, the overall look fresh and refined.