Bought a watch of IWC

From the beginning of 2017, I will study which model of the model I want to buy. I have always been interested in the watch in the world, but I have no money, but I don’t have enough money.

It has been ten months since the purchase to decide to buy the watch of the world and then to select the watch. The whole process is quite long and tangled. This year, I finally satisfied my wish and bought a watch. The watch symbolizes identity. I think that men should have a block. From the moment they have this IWC, they have embarked on the road to poisoning.

I remember when I was in the selection of the IWC, I always watched the friends in the forum late at night. It was so poisonous to my insomnia and forgetfulness. The whole person is not good. In fact, in the beginning, I wanted to buy Panerai. Pulling a variety of friends to turn a lot of watch stores, but I feel that after I got started, I didn’t think so good, the dial was too big, and it was in my heart. There is always a dream of the country in my heart.

I saw a lot before and after, and also considered the budget, and finally locked the IWC pilot series Mark XVI Mark 16 mechanical watch IW325501, the classic to the classic entry level. I saw this watch on the Internet, and my heart was like a million ants stepping on it, so I couldn’t wait to wear it immediately.

The daily information of the customer service learned a lot of details, read a lot of details, and finally decided to start. It’s been a month now, it’s been great! It feels good and I like this style very much. I often take this country with me everywhere.