Experience the deep roots of Longines and equestrian sports

The 2016 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping China League? the press conference was held at the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing. Longines, the famous Swiss watch manufacturer, has been the title partner and official timekeeper for the third consecutive year and will be in the first and second races from April 30th to May 8th. During the Golden Week of May 1st, the majority of equestrian enthusiasts will experience the deep roots of Longines and equestrian sports in this high-level international competition, and feel the unremitting pursuit of elegance, tradition, and excellence.

Longines International Marathon venue obstacles World Cup China League glory opened

Spring is in May, and the wind is smooth. From April 30th to May 8th, the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping China League? will be re-launched and the first and second stations will be displayed in Beijing Chaoyang Park. Race. For the third year in a row, Longines has been honored as the partner of the event and the official timekeeper. Together with the International Horse Federation, Longines has presented an elegant style for Chinese equestrian enthusiasts.

The Longines International Martial Arts Arena World Cup China League attracted outstanding riders from all over the world, including Zhao Zhiwen, Li Zhenqiang, Huang Zuping, Liu Tongyu and other famous generals who led more than 50 riders at home and abroad to present high-level equestrian sports charm. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different levels of audiences, there will be a Star of Hope in the upcoming first and second races; Youth and Horse Main 60-90CM, 100-110CM, 110 – 120CM level and 120-130CM level; club group and individual competition (130-140CM); World Cup (145-150CM) and other competitions. In an elegant and competitive tight schedule, the audience will be able to experience the different styles of equestrian sports.

“Longines Elegant Dress Award”

The players in the arena are very heroic, and the ladies on the sidelines are dressed in costumes and eager to form an elegant scene in the equestrian competition. During the competition, the Longines Elegant Dress Award will be selected to continue the unique etiquette culture of the equestrian sports, presenting an elegant and charming equestrian fashion trend.

With the opportunity of the event, Longines elegantly presents the famous moon phase chronograph watch. This 40 mm diameter chronograph is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The silver dial with embossed barley grain pattern and handsome blue steel hands elegantly display the moon phase display function.

The origins between Longines and equestrian sports date back to 1878 when the brand produced a chronograph stopwatch that was recorded in history, with a rider and his mount engraved on the back of the watch. In 1912, Longines first cooperated with the International Equestrian Stadium Obstacle Race. Today, Longines is more widely involved in various equestrian competitions including an obstacle course, flat horse race, and endurance race.

Longines Master Series Retrograde Moon Phase Watch – an easy-to-use complex watch!

When the watch’s advanced complex functions such as retrograde, moon phase and day and night display are given to everyone, the impression must be tall, and the price of the watch with these functions is absolutely unattainable to ordinary people, but nothing is absolute. As one of the most important brands of the Swatch Group, Longines has launched this approachable complex watch, the Longines series, the retrograde moon phase watch L2.739.4.71.3!

The Longines Master Series Retrograde Moon Phase Watch L2.739.4.71.3 is a high-end image product line in the Longines brand, bringing together many classic designs! In appearance, the stainless steel case features classic masterpiece details, and the 44 mm diameter case features a fully mirrored finish. Despite its large size, it is very comforwatch to wear on the wrist. The waterproof rating of the case is a little weak according to the current standard, only 30M waterproof rating, it feels that the sapphire surface is not screw-in. The two buttons on the right side of the case-control the retrograde pointer display. The elegant shape of the winding crown matches the overall design.

The unique two retrograde sub-dial is located at 3 and 9 o’clock. The 3 o’clock position indicates the date function, while the 9 o’clock pointer shows the second time zone. After adding the moon phase indication and the day and night indication function in the vertical direction, the overall layout of the watch is very symmetrical, adding a lot of classical feeling. Despite the accumulation of various functions on the surface, the dial is not readable, and the rhodium-plated surface coating is quite eye-catching.

The Longines Master Series Retrograde Moon Phase Watch L2.739.4.71.3 is equipped with the L707.2 automatic movement, which should be based on the ETA2892. Paired with a brown leather strap, it is more in line with the classic temperament of the watch.

The Longines Master Series Retrograde Moon Phase Watch L2.739.4.71.3 is a very successful product, especially in the price/performance ratio. The complex features of luxury brands are already not expected by the working class, let alone the top brands. However, the Longines Masters series retrograde moon phase watch is definitely a multi-functional mechanical watch that you bought. The price of the mainland is only 29,200 yuan, which is really an easy-to-use complex watch.

Longines watches can also be identified in this way

Longines watches combine fashion, sportiness, elegance, and youthfulness. Especially the new models introduced every year always follow the popular elements of the times, and the Longines watches are not very expensive. So Longines watches are very popular among the public. So what Is the way to identify true and false Longines watches?

►► Appearance identification

The real watch is a while, and the craftsmanship is very rough. The main points are as follows:

Trademarks and brand writing. The genuine Longines watch has a clear and complete logo on the dial and back cover, and the glass is clean and clear; the fake Longines watch is ambiguous.

The number of drills on the genuine Longines dial is consistent with the actual number of drills in the movement; the material indicated on the back cover matches the material used in the case; the counterfeit Longines does not match.

The outer cover of the genuine Longines case has no sharpness; the coating has no air bubbles and does not fall off. The counterfeit case assembly has a rough outer edge and a phenomenon of blistering, falling off or broken parts.

►►Core identification

From the movement, the original LONGINES is marked on the splint or pendulum in the authentic Longines movement; the movement is stable in the case assembly; the movement is clean.

There is no trademark label on the splint or pendulum of the counterfeit Longines watch movement, or the trademark label is rough, fuzzy, skewed, or simply pasted with small copper; the movement is not clean, some movements have copper shavings, hair Silk, Fingerprints, etc.

►►Commodity certificate identification

When purchasing a Longines watch, check the vendor’s certificate of inspection and the number on the laser replica mark is listed in the number listed on the certificate.

Do you want to be exposed to a fake watch when you are in front of a friend? Do you want to discount your own worth? How can this be done! So, in order to avoid buying fake watches and affecting our identity, learn The Identification of watches is especially important.