I like thin, hollow, tourbillon!

The ultra-thin tourbillon is one of the most competitive battlefields in modern high-class watchmaking. As the inventor of the tourbillon, Breguet is naturally a powerful competitor, such as 5377, 5367, etc. in previous years, all under this category. Quite a powerful player.

In the “Time to Move” exhibition a few days ago, Breguet launched a new ultra-thin tourbillon, the Classique Classic 5395, which is amazing.

From the appearance and movement, this 5395 is basically a hollow version of the aforementioned 5377 and 5367, even with a cool style of steampunk, which is different from the classical people of Breguet.

Compared with the above two “first ancestors”, the size of the 5395 has changed somewhat, the diameter of the path has been reduced from the original 42mm to 41mm, and the thickness has increased from the original 7mm to 7.7mm (estimated because of the hollowing out). Available in rose gold and platinum versions.

In order to carry out the concept of “transparency” in the end, Breguet also spent a lot of time reading. Its time scale is displayed by a printed Roman numeral on a transparent sapphire inner ring. This design has been squandered by some friends. It is inconvenient to read it. But I think buying such a watch should not be just to Read it. In terms of pointers, the classic Breguet needle is still used.

The most amazing thing, of course, is its all-empty movement, which has a very dense and dense distribution. The left side is a large space, and the right side is as complex as a spider web. At the same time, in order to achieve the “ultra-thin” design, its materials are reduced to a minimum. In order to make the wearer appreciate the operation of the parts as much as possible, it is also necessary to rack their brains in the use of space.

Thanks to this concept, the movement parts that we can hardly appreciate can be seen on this watch, such as the winding mechanism, ball bearings, etc. The movement also carries the previous use on the Breguet dial. Paris’ nails are decorated for a long time.

When it comes to ornamentation, this watch has a high level of sanding decoration in addition to the clever movement design. For example, the 45-degree chamfering on the bridge is a manual craftsman who uses a sickle to slowly produce a perfect effect; the barrel is also decorated with delicate round holes. These details require a lot of manpower and resources to complete.

The performance of the movement is also quite good, the specifications are basically the same as the movements of 5377 and 5367. In order to achieve the light and this effect, the outer edge oscillating weight is used; the single barrel with the ball bearing realizes an 80-hour considerable Storage. It can be said that all aspects are taken into consideration.

In the application of the tourbillon, Breguet also showed a high level, the tourbillon frame made of titanium realized the direct engagement with the wheel train, not the bottom gear. Moreover, its vibration frequency reaches 4Hz (the general tourbillon watch is 3Hz), which improves accuracy. The use of silicon components also increases the anti-magnetic properties.

The red gold version is priced at 220,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 1.5 million yuan; the platinum version is priced at 235,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 1.61 million yuan.