How about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore?

Royal Oak/ Royal oak offshore is one of the top three luxury sports watches in the world (the other two are PATEK PHILIPPE’s nautilus and Vacheron Constantin), and there are so many people who like it, so no matter whether in the primary market or the secondary market, they are very hot and strong. Royal Oak/Royal Oak is offshore and is very familiar to the player’s watch, and many people wear it. How about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore? Many veteran players know that the royal oak was designed by jiro zunda, so today I want to tell you a very interesting thing, royal oak offshore, why is this?

Royal Oak was launched in 1972 and launched at sea in 1993.

As we all know, the royal oak was designed by the famous designer zunda jiro zunda (died in 2011) and launched in 1972. In 1989, Abby’s CEO Stephen Urquhart wanted to launch a royal oak for young people, because statistically, the average purchaser of ordinary royal oak is over 40 years old. Abby wants to launch a watch that appeals to young people. This is why the Royal Oak was launched offshore. The CEO handed the task to a designer working at the Abbey Church to design the new Royal Oak. This is the designer of Emmanuel Gate, the Royal Oak Offshore Company, as shown below.

My brother started designing the offshore model. The first thing he did was to increase the size of the watch. The early Royal Oak was a small modern standard when the 5402 was 39 mm (then large at the time). Emmanuel Gueit found that many women have already worn men’s watches, so he plans to increase the size of the watch. He designed the Royal Oak Coast Watch for men. There is no doubt that he is ahead of his time. The 42mm offshore model is perfect for today’s size.

The first royal oak boat, type 25721, launched in 1993

The early Royal Oak Sea model used rubber chronograph buttons and a rubber crown (now 26470 is a ceramic button and crown). This is because the rubber can expand when heated, and there is a ring in the middle of the timing button, crown, and case. Rubber can be used to resist hot water and water vapor from entering the watch. Royal oak marine rubber works between minus 45 degrees and 165 degrees (up to 180 degrees) and is an advanced material in the 1980s.

The first Royal Oak was launched in 1993 and was named 25721.

 Type overseas designer Emanuel Gueit said that when using the product, the movement, because the early Royal Oak offshore type is close, the bottom case is designed with a magnetic inner shell layer, because the magnetic inner shell layer, so take up space The size of the product family this sport is small, the right size, so choose this product to go home sports (Abby, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin once had a family product sports tradition).

Royal Oak Sea Structure Chart, 1993.

At first, he didn’t know.

Because the new design of the Royal Oak offshore is much different than the traditional version of the Royal Oak, especially for such a large size, too different, because the size is too large, the first offshore type is called “beast” in English is a beast (Foreigners), so Abby is also lacking in my heart. Consider whether it is right or wrong to launch an offshore type. This is why the sea version was originally designed in 1989 and was introduced only in 1993. Because this is very confusing.

In 1993, the first Royal Oak Sea was 25,721 units.

Finally, in 1993, Abby released the Royal Oak Offshore (Type 25721), which initially started with only 1,000 vehicles for testing water quality. Among the top 100, only the English word “Royal Oak” was written on the bottom cover of the watch, but none of them was written, “Off Shore”. Later, the word “offshore” was added to the watch. Students familiar with royal oaks should know that there are prefixes in the history of royal oaks, starting with D and then E. According to the batch, you can use the prefix to judge the production time. The end result is clear to all of you. The Royal Oak Coast Fire is still burning today.

What is the difference between today’s offshore market and the past?

In 2014, the 42mm Royal Oaks Sea was renewed at 26,470, 42mm Royal Oak Sea (plus a 44mm sea model). There are two major upgrades on the 42mm sea model introduced in 1993.

For the Royal Oak Sea 26470, pay attention to the ceramic crown and ceramic timing buttons.

1. The old sea crown, the buttons are rubber; when selling the sea crown, the button is replaced by ceramic.

  • The old offshore model uses a purchased timing movement and a solid bottom cover;

In addition to the important upgrades of the two technical configurations, the use of larger offshore grid decoration in the sale, the target ratio when adjusting the surface, the details have also been adjusted to become more fashionable and trendy. But since 1993, the overall appearance of the Royal Abbey Oak has remained essentially unchanged. The overseas version of Royal Oak is now widely distributed on the market. New funds, old funds, commemorative funds, special funds, etc., when you want to see the material time button, generally only look at the crown, ceramics, rubber, watching sports infiltration, can Judging most overseas new and old fund models.

For sale: Royal Oak Sea 26470, completely bottom, and use Eppie’s homemade 3126 chronograph movement.

Last but not least, it is important to note that Abby’s 25th Anniversary Offshore Type in 2018 launched the 25th Anniversary Offshore Model (26237), completely mimicking the 1993 offshore look, crown and thick bottom, Rubber button, but using Abby produced 3126 timing exercise (see), please pay attention to the distinction. Usually, if there is no extraordinary plot, the 42mm offshore model, you can buy 2647 with a public price of 190,000. The specific color can be chosen by yourself.

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