Lv smart watch introduction

How much is the lv smartwatch? I believe that there are still many small partners who don’t know how much the lv smartwatch is, so I will sort out some related content for everyone below, so let’s take a look at it.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Louis Vuitton’s famous Tambour watch collection, Louis Vuitton released a new Tambour Horizon Graphite smartwatch, priced from 15100 to 18,900 yuan (and the price of Apple Watch’s high-end models is even lower. But this is LV!), all the smartwatches should have important functions: call, WeChat (the watch has a microphone and vibration), SMS, email reminder, alarm clock, timer, pedometer and weather forecast, etc. All of them are also Louis Vuitton’s unique “My Flight” (reminding boarding time, terminal, gate information, late arrival and arrival time, etc.) and “City Guide” (the world’s 7 most popular cities) Travel and drink information, such as hotels, restaurants, historical landmarks, specialty restaurants, etc.) travel function applications.

The Louis Vuitton Smart Watch Tambour Horizon has a large “LV” on the back cover. The key is that this is a beautiful 60-piece (30 male and female models) Louis Vuitton straps. Round orthodox watch! Not just a smartwatch! LV’s brand features and logos are available on the dial, strap, and case back. The key is that I like and fascinated Louis Vuitton. There are too many fans who only buy Louis Vuitton! It is a beautiful watch and it is “so good price”, so they can buy it without hesitation. !

The details of the Louis Vuitton smartwatch Tambour Horizon are found in the traditional watchmaking, Louis Vuitton’s work, design, and aesthetics are self-evident. The style of the entire watch is also very faithful to the design details of the brand’s most famous Tambour series. The connection of the case, crown, lugs, strap and case, and the mirror can be seen everywhere, following the traditional watchmaking method, which guarantees the quality of Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton Smart Watch has a 24-hour scale on the bezel of the Tambour Horizon. It also has a dual time zone function, so you can easily travel across the country and control your time.

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