Men’s watch is properly worn

Watches are an accessory that many men love, a symbol of taste and identity. But wearing a watch is also very particular about it, it is related to health and beauty. The following man is the type to expose the correct position of the men’s watch.

Medical research shows that the human mouth and the mouth of the wrist are connected to the three pulse points of the human body. Its three veins have a great relationship with people’s physical health. This pulse point corresponds to the heart, the male left female right, the male’s heart is in the left position. Therefore, it is concluded that if a man wears a watch on his left hand, it will affect the normal operation of the heart. Therefore, it can be seen that the correct position of the men’s watch is in the right hand.

Men’s watch wear meaning

In today’s society, watches are more than just tools for looking at the time. Wearing a watch usually reflects that the person has a strong sense of time, is honest and trustworthy. In addition, men wear watches, it is a kind of self-confidence and steady performance, which can improve personal temperament and image.

Men’s watch wearing precautions

1. Wear different watches for different occasions

Men wear watches and choose different types on different occasions to highlight their unique tastes. In general, the more solemn the case, the better the watch is worn.

For those who don’t want to buy so many watches, it is recommended to buy a neutral style watch.

2, do not wear a watch to sleep

Wearing a watch to sleep, the strap tightens the wrist, if the wrist artery is pressed for a long time, it is easy to adversely affect the health of the body. Not only will it shorten the life of the watch, but it also is not conducive to health.

The above is the correct wearing position of the men’s watch and related content introduction, I hope to help everyone.

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