Seiko Xgundam 40th Anniversary Zaku Limited Edition Watch Startup Experience

Every man must have played a model to see cartoons when he was a child. Some people like the bloody “SLAM DUNK”, and some people are fascinated by the “Dragon Ball DRAGON BALL” turtle wave Qigong, but it is even more important to ignore the “Gundam Mobile Suit”. Up to now, even people who grew up in this beautiful fashion have bought several steel bomb models.

In 2019, SEIKO Seiko designed three limited edition watches for the 40th anniversary of steel bombs. This is full of topics in the toy industry, animation industry, and watch industry. Before the official launch, we will get started and share the experience with you. These two are to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the classic Gundam series “Mobile Suit Gundam” animation. SEIKO Seiko watches introduce two global limited-edition Prospex watches based on Zaku, the production machine of Mobile Suit Gundam. The joint version is designed with the red comet Zaku MS-06S and the mass production machine Zaku MS-06.

Let’s first talk about the two Prospex diving watches with the theme of Zaku, which are the “MS-06 mass-production type Sak” which uses green to represent the Zagu production machine and red with the Sark big head. The main color scheme is “MS-06S Shaya Special Zaku”. Although it is the hostile camp of the protagonist, the performance of the two Sark joint names is not inferior. The model uses Prospex’s, MARINE Master

Professional design, also known as the canned tuna fish. It is additionally covered with a shell outside the case to enhance the waterproof so that the two Zaku joint models are waterproof to a professional level of 300 meters. Because the author himself has a stainless steel Tuna Can, knowing that its two-layer case is very heavy, but actually put two Zaku joint watches on their hands and found that it is very light! The inner surface of the case is made of titanium and the outer layer is cermet. The inner and outer layers are made of materials much lighter than stainless steel. When combined, the two Zhaco co-brand watches look to other SEIKO tuna. The can is as strong as the presence of the can, but there is no pressure on the hand, and the weight is very good.

The most important one-way rotating bezel of the diving watch is also good, not only smooth and smooth, but also a solid touch on every scale and the hum of the rotation sounds very satisfying. Since it is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Gundam, it is certainly not the only color and character match. SEIKO is very careful to add the Gundam element in many small details. As the second hand, there is the shadow of the sensor of the Jiongjun mobile warrior-the Cyclops. The side of the cermet shell is engraved with the model of the mobile warrior body of the red scorpion slag ancient and the mass production machine Zaku.

A closer look will also reveal that the two crowns of the slag ancient joint models also have different patterns, representing two different mobile warrior bodies. The details of the steel bullets not only appear on the case but also extend all the way to the strap. Both models use a rubber band with the same color as the case, which makes the image of the red comet Zaku and the production machine Zaku more complete. SEIKO also carefully designed the Xia Aznabul personal logo alias “Red Comet” and the Gijon Principality logo imprinted at the end of the strap. No matter what time and angle you can see the steel bullet element, people are particularly excited when they wear it.

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