Some tips on men’s watch maintenance

How do you pay attention to the maintenance of all kinds of watches? I believe many of my friends will ignore it, so let’s take a look.

What should I do if the watch is flooded?

If you encounter problems with the water in the watch, quickly use a paper towel or a towel to dry the surface of the water, or use a hairdryer to adjust to a small wind and blow it for a few minutes. If the water is very serious, send it to the water. Maintenance office.

How to maintain the mechanical watch

It’s best to keep it up every day for a fixed amount of time, but be careful not to get too tight. If it’s too tight, it’s likely to be broken because it’s too elastic.

How to maintain gold-plated watches

Gold-plated watches should not be exposed to chemicals, such as sulfur soap, etc., and to keep the surface clean, it is best not to carry it during exercise, because sweat will corrode the gold-plated watch.

How to maintain the electronic watch

When the electronic watch has no electricity, the electrons should be taken out, because the electrons that are not in the electricity remain in the watch, and there is a possibility that the electrons will corrode the movement. Also, don’t use too much force when pressing the electronic watch button.

Other maintenance tips

1. Don’t put your watch in the closet where you often store mothballs.

2, often open the back cover of the watch is not a good habit, because the gray layer will enter the watch core and will affect the operation of the watch.

3, do not bring the watch into the sauna or the hot springs, the high-temperature environment is very unfavorable to the watch.

How to carry out the maintenance of the watch, I believe you have already learned.

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