How to deal with allergies in watches

There are many people who are allergic when wearing a watch. Most people are allergic to the strap. There will be a serious allergic reaction on the wrist. It is an especially uncomfortable watch, but it is not accustomed to wearing a watch. Take some measures to solve it.

The stainless steel case of the watch includes base metal. The base metal damages the human body. If the intake is too much, it will cause some evils. The cockroach will dissolve and ooze out with the sweat of the person. Nowadays, the green color awareness of many people in the social form is growing. Up to now, the international coverage of this issue has been highly visible in China, and the industry standard for the amount of exudation of the base metal watch band has been established, mainly for watch components. Limit the harmful things.

If you confirm your own allergic health level, it is best to wear a watch with a chrome case strap. Chrome alloy has the best intimacy for the human body. You can also choose porcelain pottery and molecular compound plastic materials, even if it is the stainless steel case should also be selected from the leather strap.

Slowly speaking, the surface of the tungsten steel case will also include a small amount of nickel, so it is not a pure green product. If you only have a stainless steel watch, the best way is to use the isolation method. The practice is to use a small piece of cowhide, cut into the shape of the back cover of the watch, and glue it to the back of the watch.

How to deal with allergies in watches? Wearing a watch allergy solution

What is the cause of watch allergies?

1. Allergies in metal and leather:

If you prove that you are allergic to a certain metal or leather, then the corresponding watch should not be worn.

2. Allergies caused by dust, dirt, and sweat on the watch:

If the watch has not been cleaned for a long time, wipe it gently with a damp towel.

3, too tight, not breathable allergies:

Adjust the strap to increase ventilation and breathability.

Watch allergy treatment

1. It is recommended to first find out through the hospital which specific allergens belong to the watch so that it can be targeted.

2. If you feel that the first article is too cumbersome and not a paint allergy, you can consider asking the watch shop’s professionals to help spray a transparent varnish on the watch, which can reduce skin contact without affecting the appearance of the watch. Not a luxury watch, even if it is.

3. If it is a non-metallic strap and a back cover, then the best thing is to change the material directly.

If it is caused by sweating and rusting and causing allergies caused by wearing for a long time, consider changing