Gulang Watch Introduction

Speaking of watches, many people think of foreign brands in the first place. Indeed, there are many famous watch brands from Switzerland, Italy and other countries. However, don’t forget that our country’s watches are also very good. With the continuous development of the domestic watch industry, many domestic watch brands are also developing rapidly. Perhaps it is time for domestic watch brands to show their faces. Domestic watches are gradually becoming consumers. Choices, such as Gulang Watch~

1, Gulang ladies watch price inquiry

Gulang is one of the famous watch brands in China. It has been adhering to the free and casual style and has won the favor of many consumers. Gulang women’s watches are also loved by many female consumers. Gulang women’s watches range in price from 200-3000 yuan. This price is relatively close to the people and can be accepted by most domestic consumers.

Among them, Gulang Women’s Watch 6067L is one of the best-selling models. It adopts imported movement and metal casing. The strap is made of high-quality solid steel belt. The mirror has a high-strength hardened glass. The dial is also embedded with exquisite and exquisite diamonds. Layering. The strap is an ergonomically designed hollow curved strap that fits easily into the wrist and is comfort watch and beautiful. The price of this Gulang ladies watch is about 300 yuan. See if the price is very tempting.

2, Gulang watch quality grade how

Although some of the most familiar top-of-the-line watch brands are mostly from abroad, the quality and appearance of some domestic watch brands are not inferior. Gulang watches are at the forefront of the domestic watch brand rankings, winning a good reputation with an exquisite and gorgeous appearance and exquisite craftsmanship. Gulang watches have a variety of watches that are imported from Japan, with both quality and appearance.

Over the years, Gulang watches have been integrated into production from design to production, demonstrating the advantages of the brand. At present, the Gulang watch grade is mid-range in China, although the price is not very expensive, the quality and quality are better. The cost performance of Gulang watches is still relatively high. It combines professional watchmaking and fashion appearance into one, which is very rare and is also the best choice for many consumers in China.

The moon in foreign countries is not quite round, and the watch brand is not the best only abroad. In recent years, many domestic watch brands have been continuously developing and progressing, and strive to lead fashion with extremely high quality. Consumers may also pay more attention to some domestic watch brands when they purchase and choose according to their own needs, and there may be unexpected gains.

Introduction To Ernest Borel Watch

 Brand Introduction

In 1856, the Swiss Ernest Borel was founded by JULES BOREL in the watch-like sanctuary, Neuchatel, Switzerland. The brand has always respected the brand concept of “romantic moments, lifelong companionship”, combining romantic and elegant culture with rigorous and high-quality watchmaking craftsmanship. In the field of watches and clocks, it is famous.

Brand story

In 1856, “The Kingdom of Watches” in Newcastle, Switzerland, Berliget’s young Zulus-Pollell began his long career in watchmaking with his belief in perfecting classics. In 1859, he founded Borel and Courvoisier with his wife, Paul Gao Huashi. From the very beginning, Pauler and Gao Huashi knew the authority of the Neuchâtel Observatory for the timer standard. If the watch designed and manufactured can obtain its approval, it means undoubtedly means to get global sales to pass for a watch product. For the future, time has become an eternal career pursuit. In 1866, an impressive achievement was finally achieved. The watches they produced lived up to expectations and won the first place in the observatory competition. This has laid a solid position for this rare watch. As a result of the efforts, a series of honors came one after another: in 1876 in Philadelphia, the product was awarded a quality certificate; in 1878, it was awarded the only precious gold medal awarded to the Swiss watch industry in Paris, France. In the company’s development process, a revolutionary initiative in fashion was born: a watch with a crown and a putter or bolt, the invention includes a new winding system and a new method of setting time. This patent has an epoch-making significance in the history of the watch industry.

The trademark of this century-old classic romantic brand was born out of a beautiful and romantic legend. At a noble dance, the second-generation head ERNEST BOREL and the beloved girl danced romantically at the ball, and the momentary touch of the eyes turned into a long-lasting touch of the mind. The silhouette of the dance was designed into the trademark of Yibolu, which left behind in the hearts of the world. Unforgetwatch romantic plots vividly interpret the meaning of “romantic moments, companionship throughout life”. No matter how time passes by, even in the turbulent years of the two world wars, the silhouette of a couple of dancing couples in Ernest Borel left a watch romantic complex in the hearts of the world and won the prestigious international reputation. In the course of a century and a half, the Swiss Ernest Borel has won numerous awards in the world. In 1866, the Swiss Ibrahim watch won the first prize of the similar product competition held by the Neustall Observatory, the highest authority of Swiss timekeeping products at that time. In 1876, it won the quality certificate in Philadelphia, USA, and in 1878, it was precious in the Swiss watch industry in Paris, France. The only gold medal. In 1937, Ernest Borel was awarded the GRAND PRIX Honor Award in Greece. Between 1945 and 1959, the Neuchâtel Observatory in Switzerland awarded the “BULLETIN DE MARCHE” certificate to 4,172 Epoch watches. In particular, in 1958, the Neuchâtel Observatory awarded the first prize to two Espresso watches. Lay the solid position of this rare watch. In 1903, the sales staff of EBO Road arrived in China after six months of travel, selling 388 Epoch road watches, and the incomprehensible relationship with China, an ancient civilization of the East. After China’s reform and opening up, ERNEST BOREL quickly merged with China’s profound traditional culture and fashion tastes, creating a brand new consumer concept for Chinese consumers. In the 21st century, Epoch Road has designed more fashion-oriented fashion products, which are deeply loved and respected by consumers.

Cyma Watch Introduction

Cyma is an old brand in Switzerland. Everyone knows that Switzerland is a country of watches and clocks. There are many famous watch brands. The brand of West Malaysia is behind the watches of Omega and Longines.

The price of Cyma watches is between a few thousand and ten thousand, about 4 or 5,000. Look at the watch. For a penny, Cyma should be a luxury, although the grade is not high, the grade is not high, but Good value for money

If you buy a Cyma mechanical watch, you need to wear it for 8 hours or more than 8 hours in a day. The mechanical watch, he relies on your hand to swing to get kinetic energy, the swing of the hand is waiting for it. Chains, if you don’t have enough time to wear, the lack of power will lead to slower time and errors, but don’t be too vigorous. You need to know that too much power and too much power are bad, and it will have an impact on the mechanical watch. Cyma’s mechanical watches generally do not have a minute of error. If the error is large, you can ask the store to find the reason, which may be temperature, magnetic field, and other reasons.

Harry Williams Brand Introduction

Harry Williams Brand Introduction

Harry Williams from Italy’s light vintage fashion watch brand Harry Williams settled in China. Via the eternal city of Rome, the fashion city of Milan, wrapped in the literary atmosphere of Florence, the style of Venice. At the beginning of 2017, he officially entered the Chinese market and became a pioneer in Italian fashion watches.

It is not only a style but also a life attitude, a feeling! It is relaxed, pleasant, natural, and can be worn for daily work. It is not a design that follows the trend. Instead, it incorporates the unique charms of the old feelings, styles, crafts, and the most flavorful colors in the memory. Through modern eyes, it reinterprets, matches, changes, and evolves into a new dress that conforms to the current trend. It combines with modern style to showcase its own style. Committed to becoming the watch of every fashion enthusiast.

How about the Harry Williams watch?

Harry Williams, a watch brand from Italy, is a minimalist classic retro style. The designer advocates “anti-popularity”. The style is based on a simple large dial. The dial has no extra decoration except for LOGO and hands. It is cool and simple. The style is unforgetwatch. I have been greeted by the hipsters on Instagram. It is very simple and low-key style. It is very comfort watch no matter how it is matched. And the boyfriend is just a couple of couples, sprinkle some dog food, the design of the dial is very clean, coupled with a small fresh strap, scale, and Roman numerals instead of numbers, and some even have no scale, minimalism to the extreme.

The price of the watch of Harry Williams is about 1,500 yuan. It feels that the price is still very good. If you like this Italian style, then don’t miss Harry Williams!

Harry Williams with rules

1, people who often wear professional wear should choose a simple and elegant strap, belt and solid color and three-color nylon belt are preferred, pay attention to integrity, harmony, bracelet swatch for beading, best reflect the white-collar beauty’s elegant and elegant.

2, evening dresses, suede, and other expensive or thick fabrics, swatch for steel belts, leather straps, informal occasions, after all, decent is the most important.

3, casual clothing to wear the ancient art of the jewels will be more interesting, you can choose the bright color of the nylon belt, in order to promote personality.

4, such as silk and light clothing, the use of delicate and delicate jewelry, and then with three-color nylon belt, the overall look fresh and refined.

Carl F.Bucherer Watch Introduction

The Carl F.Bucherer watch has always been popular, with the Carl F.Bucherer watch, which undoubtedly symbolizes the noble status of the royal watchmaking experts. What is the ranking of the world of Carl F.Bucherer watches? What is the grade of Cael F.Bucherer watches? Let’s take a look.

In 1888, Carl F. Bucherer and his wife Luise opened their first watch and jewelry store at Falkenplatz in Lucerne. They are a successful couple: his entrepreneurial traits, artist talent, and a keen awareness of fashion trends and social trends are exactly complementary to his wife’s seeking truth and management skills. Their success has laid a solid foundation for the Bucherer Group we are familiar with today.

Carl F.Bucherer watch world ranking

Between 1915 and 1923, the reputation of Bucherer’s watches and jewelry quickly swept through the upper class of Germany. This is the emblem of the Bucherer store at the time, symbolizing the noble status of the royal watchmaking experts.

At the 2012 Basel Watch Fair, Bucherer has introduced a variety of gentle and exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding technology of the Marion series: the perpetual calendar chronograph, the moon phase rose gold watch and the BigDate Power watch. The new watch continues the brand’s uniqueness. Style, while not lacking creative design, is inevitably the best wrist companion.

What is the grade of Carl F.Bucherer watches?

In Hong Kong, Bucherer has become the designated watch for the Miss Hong Kong Campaign Conference in 2003 and 2004. It is also the main sponsor of the 2003 Faye Wong concert and the designated watch for several concerts. The limelight can be described as nothing. Carl F.Bucherer has always been committed to the development of precision mechanical watches, and the Archimedes Ochimed series in the Yunyun watch series is outstanding.

Carl F.Bucherer watch unique style

Carl F. Bucherer, a Swiss watchmaker’s 100-year-old watchmaking brand, is uniquely crafted in a traditional style. The watch has a low output but is extremely functional: whether it is a bright-looking preset or high-quality material. Grasp, even eternal and resolutely keep the people who do things embedded in the tradition of each of the most advanced diamonds… These details have become the key factor in attracting the patrons of the enthusiastic Carl F.Bucherer products, and each one has to be engraved. The chronographs of the Carl F. Bucherer imprint have become the perfect ones to be passed on to future generations. In short, if you are on the way, grasping and expecting time, you will be able to find the best explanation in the time of the two places and the time of the three places.

For watch fans who love the perpetual calendar, the Buzilai Marley Long Calendar Chronograph is a model of timepiece art: the date display at 12 o’clock, the week display at 6 o’clock, the month and leap year at 9 o’clock, and 3 o’clock. The location of the moon phase is accurate and correct. This unique movement of Carl F.Bucherer has a flyback timing function. The dial has a tachymeter scale on the outer edge, which is consistent with the brand’s philosophy of adhering to the practical function.