CORUM50 Anniversary Edition Coin Watch

Witnessed the development track after the founding of the United States

CORUM is a 50-year limited edition of 22K gold and 925 sterling silver American Liberty coins, each limited to 100 pieces, which can be purchased in pairs or independently. Looking back on 1964, CORUM launched the first generation of coin watches, made with the famous 20-yuan Double Eagle coin with historical value, and the back of the watch was engraved with the Statue of Liberty; the Double Eagle coin was launched in 1849. Open circulation until 1933, it can be seen as the development trajectory of the United States after the founding of the country, immediately after the suspension of recycling, it became the object of collectors.

Many American presidents own this watch.

In the 1970s, CORUM was among the first watch brands to successfully produce precious coins watches. At that time, CORUM only used coins with good preservation status. The front of the coins was used as a dial, and the crystal glass mirrors were strictly protected. The achievements were rich in historical value. Wonderful timepieces. For nearly half a century, the method of making coins watches has always been the same: firstly, the coins are cut into front and rear halves for the dial and the back of the watch, and then the slim mechanical movement is assembled, and the classic timepiece is born. At that time, the coins filled with history immediately became the classics of CORUM. Many international celebrities are eagerly awaiting. The most representative nature is that many American presidents own this watch.

The two commemorative editions unveiled in 2015 were made with the 50-yuan double-eagle gold coin and the 1-yuan double-eagle silver coin minted in 2014; these two coins have never been publicly circulated, and they are decorated with the ancient 20-yuan double-eagle coin, symbolizing freedom. The American eagle, the Statue of Liberty, and the olive trunk symbolizing peace; the two commemorative editions continue the CORUM tradition, the gold model is 36 mm in diameter, and the sterling silver model is 43 mm in diameter. The crowns of both are also set with a diamond.

Appreciate the passing of time, while savoring the historical feelings

The two new collections combine historical charm and state-of-the-art production techniques. The CO 082 self-winding movement is sure to be highly sought after by mechanical timepiece connoisseurs. The CO 082 movement swings 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) with time-division display and 42-hour power reserve. The movement is engraved with the CORUM logo; the back of the coin is engraved with the casting year (2014) ), the gold coin meter model has a waterproof depth of 30 meters and the silver coin watermark is 10 meters.

The two 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watches continue the historical tradition of CORUM, evoking the nostalgic mood of watch collectors; the watchmakers of the limited edition commemorative coin watch can appreciate the passing of time, but also the history in the same time. feelings.

Traditional Watchmaking “Troika” What are the watches worth buying this year?

“Traditional watchmaking troika”, I don’t know if you have heard this statement. It refers to the three major Swiss watch brands, including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet, and has an unquestionable position in the industry. What new products have the three brands launched this year? What are the most noteworthy models in these new products?

Recommended reason: The high-end watchmaking brand has always used ultra-complex functions as a benchmark to measure the ability and level of brand watchmaking, but most watch lovers may still use practical performance and wearability as a factor in choosing a watch. This Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series “Green Grenade” is an iconic octagonal bezel design with 18K white gold case material. Green is the main element. The dial and strap are designed with the same color matching. In the selection of the movement, Patek Philippe’s self-winding Caliber 324 S C movement has a waterproof depth of 120 meters and dynamic storage of about 40 hours. This is the case with Patek Philippe. The more you look at the simple low-key, the higher the price.

Vacheron Constantin’s four-sea series 4300V/000R-B509 watch

Recommended reason: When it comes to Vacheron Constantin, many people say that the recent Wulu type series has been loved by many young people, but I personally think that it is the most representative of Vacheron Constantin’s non-cross-border series. This year, Vacheron Constantin launched three new series of vertical and horizontal four-sea series watches, including a steel tourbillon and two 18K pink gold moon phases. I chose this blue-panel moon phase to recommend it to everyone for two reasons: the blue disk is a very popular design element in Vacheron Constantin and even all high-end watch brands; the second is the 18K pink gold case. The price of this blue disc is about RMB 570,000, and the total pink gold is about 710,000. The all-gold material plus the perpetual calendar will definitely make you feel satisfied.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Series 26401RO.OO.A087CA.01 Watch

Recommended reason: After the birth of the Royal Oak Offshore Series, many people said that it is a tough guy in the rough and outdoor style based on the Royal Oak. In fact, rather than being swatch for a tough guy, it should be said that it gives men more choices. This year, Audemars Piguet launched the new CODE 11.59 series, and also launched several new Royal Oak Offshore models, including the brown watch with this ceramic bezel. This is the first time Audemars Piguet has applied ceramic materials to the offshore series, and this color is relatively more special. The domestic price of this watch is 350,000 yuan, and all the major Audemars Piguet stores have arrived in stock. Red gold shell plus camouflage, I ask you why?

Summary: Which brand do you prefer in the traditional watchmaking troika? Are there any of these three brands that you like and want to start with? If you were to choose the new “Advanced Watchmaking Troika” brand, which three brands would you choose? Feel free to say your opinion below the comments.

Citizen Watch Maintenance Method Citizen Watch Maintenance Precautions

Citizen’s mission is to provide high-end products and high-quality services, to create products that are close to the public, and to be a leader in the international watch industry. However, some of the friends who bought Citizen watches will have questions. Does Citizen Watch need maintenance? I will answer this question for you.

Citizen watches need to be maintained, the following is the maintenance method of Citizen watches.

1. If a Citizen watch is abnormal, it should be sent to a special watch shop for inspection.

2. Different watches should be worn on different occasions. For sports, it is best to use sports Citadel watches with excellent waterproof and shock resistance.

3. The mechanical automatic watch must be worn for more than 10 hours per day for sufficient operation.

4. If there is a watch with a WATER RESISTANT or 3ATM on the cover, it is generally only swatched for splashes or light rain without pressure.

5. The Citizen mechanical watch was wet, pressed with dry cotton on the watch, and then baked with a 40-watt bulb for 5 minutes, the moisture in the watch could all be evaporated.

6. After the Citizen watch has been marked with a lot of lines, you can drop one or two drops of water on the watch, then squeeze a little bit of toothpaste to remove the scratches and make the watch look like new.

7. Since the internal mechanical structure of each watch is different, under normal use, the error of the mechanical watch or mechanical automatic watch is within 30 seconds per day, and the error of the quartz watch is relatively low.

8. Special reminder, any Citizen watch should not be worn in warm water or bathroom, even if your Citizen watch is a waterproof watch, the surrounding water vapor molecules are relatively small, it is easy to seep into the case, causing internal mechanical damage.

Citizen Watch Maintenance Precautions

The Citizen mechanical watch is driven by the mechanical gear and the spring. It is watched that the rotation will cause friction. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel and lubricate for a long time to reduce the wear rate of the parts. Otherwise, when the problem is solved, the problem is already very serious.

It is best to return to the home of the Citizen mechanical watch every year to check if there is any improper use or water intake. In particular, Taiwan’s climate is hot and humid, sweat, rain and dirty air have accumulated over the years, causing chronic erosion of machinery. The frequency and extent of damage are much higher than those in Europe, America, and Japan. Therefore, “regular inspection” is very important;

Then every three years need to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Usually, 30 meters or 50 meters of water resistance indicated on the watch refers to the data measured in the laboratory, using pure water. Usually, the waterproof demand for Citizen watches is limited to wearing a shower, washing hands, not swimming, diving, bathing. This will cause serious damage to the watch. These are the common sense of maintenance of Citizen mechanical watches.