What is the difference between a fine imitation and a replica watch?

This is not to be confused, because the quality of different high-quality imitation watches is different and we need to distinguish them. First of all, we should know that there are mainly three high-imitation brand watches on the market: general high-imitation brand watches, fine imitation brand watches, and re-branded watches. The average brand watch is what we call a low imitation brand watch, and the price is very cheap. The quality is also very low, factory construction, a look at fakes, of course, this watch is not determined to take a long time, it is not worth buying, the exquisite imitation brand watch will become more refined in appearance. But cheap equipment can’t pursue its performance, and its durability is low and its performance is low. It is not suiwatch for us to buy, so I suggest you choose a branded watch.

Re-branded watches are what we call complex imitation brand watches. According to the original brand watch, it is made up of one-on-one molds, pursuing high resilience with real products, appearance with real products, and the choice of fine steel raw materials. In addition to the fine polishing of the sapphire mirror, the strap is also a selection of cowhide material, which is very comforwatch to wear, but in the connotation equipment, the connotation structure and movement are customized, the complex engraving brand watch chooses high-quality sports, it makes the watch The kinetic energy is sufficient, it works well, the case and appearance materials are exquisite, very wear-resistant, and highly durable. Some details about the brand watches are also handled elegantly, with the case, strap, and crown. The brand logo is very delicate, so the branded watch is actually very high-end, and has a high degree of repair and real products. The price is around 2000-3000, and the ratio of performance to price is also high. You can wear it confidently to important occasions. It is no problem to use it for ten years. Of course, you also need to take care of it.

Fine imitation watch, in order to consider the degree of simulation, the materials used in the fine imitation watch are as consistent as possible with the original. At this time, the fidelity is over 80%.

The re-engraving watch is exquisite in craftsmanship. It is based on the authentic 1:1 imitation system, keeping the material in line with the authentic height and adopting the fine grinding process.

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