What Is The Reason For The Mechanical Watch Going Fast?

A friend who has worn a mechanical watch will find that the watch sometimes goes fast, and it is very troublesome to re-adjust the time from time to time. Then what is the general cause? How can we solve it? Let me follow it with you.

Analysis of the reasons for the rapid movement of mechanical watches

The degree of watch walking is different depending on the watch, it can be more than 20 seconds/day, at most I heard that it is 5 minutes faster. When we exercise vigorously, it is easy to make the watch appear inaccurate. For example, the balance of the watch’s balance is too high, and the violent movement of the external force is applied to the balance wheel, which aggravates its rotation range and requires the watch to sprout. “Crashing”; an additional common end is that the watch’s movement parts are magnetized.

The magnetic field effect, especially after the balance spring is magnetized, the circle and the circle are only displayed when worn, there is a sticky or a short and a short circle, especially in the facade, the hairspring will be due to its own gravity. When the arm is pulled, the shaking of the arm will aggravate its radial movement, and the magnetic energy effect is shown by this.

The factors affecting the position error are mainly the balance between the balance wheel and the balance spring. Especially the balance wheel and the balance of the balance wheel are very bad, which will cause the balance wheel to protrude in a certain swing and a certain position, highlighting the surface of the fortune. Precision changes.

Mechanical watch quick solution

Solution one

Watches that are never bad for a minute are actually not there. There is always a range of error, and this range varies from country to country. Generally speaking, mechanical watches (including automatic mechanical watches) are only full of strings. Walking time is no more than 30 seconds per day, and it is basically no more than 30 seconds. You can try to adjust the time. If you can’t suggest that you go to the professional watch repair center to let the watch masters look at it, so as not to make the tone, the hairspring is short, and the repair is more difficult.

Solution two:

For the maintenance of faults such as mechanical watches, degaussing should be done first, and the degaussing should be neat and thorough. Then check the position error of the watch, continue to check the hairspring beforehand, and clean the hairspring with alcohol, which will compare the fuel clean, volatile, and poor quality. Both the fuel and the magnetic field will cause the hairspring to show up or attract each other. After repairing the watch, we’d better do a small quiz for the timing. It’s better to do a long-term dynamic check. Which one is to be rotated on the omnidirectional rotating frame, or to look directly at it. Those hidden deep problems, we can only detect with the help of related instruments.

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