What Kind Of Watch Is More Suit Watch For The Twenties?

At the age of twenty, I began to enter the workplace and communicate with others. In terms of accessories, I pay more attention to the generosity and decent, and watches are undoubtedly one of the best choices. So what is more appropriate to look at in the 20s?

The watch should be matched with clothes. If you wear a suit and tie, it is recommended to wear a formal watch. The dial is simple. The brand is second, look at personal preferences and economic ability. If you wear casual clothes, you can choose fashion. watch or sports watch is fine. The price of a watch is generally the best for a month to three months.


Originating in 1832, the Longines in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, with a long history of 175 years, is a professional watch manufacturer integrating tradition, elegance, and movement. Longines is known around the world for its elegant timepieces.

The Longines watch casts the soul and style of Longines’ early design tradition and still retains the original look and proportion of Longines. The ever-changing expectations of customers and the continuous advancement of science and technology have prompted Longines to further update the design of the watch, not only to introduce a larger model of the case size, but also to provide more beautiful dial selection.


The Meteor was founded in 1918 by George Schaeren in Zurich, Switzerland. The name is derived from the Spanish word “Yo Mido” which means “I measure”. It is meant to make a watch that can be your close friend. When you look at the meter, you will be happy. When you need it, it will accompany you. Beauty is a very trustworthy watch.

The watchmaking philosophy of Mido is a combination of timeless design and practical functions rather than following the trend. Designed to produce a watch with high-quality materials, a precise movement, and excellent water resistance for a long time.


Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, and supplied cutting-edge technology timers to the US government during the First World War to the next few decades. During the Second World War, the Hamilton Hamilton watch was selected to produce a variety of watches, clocks, astronomical clocks and time measuring devices for the US and Allied forces. Almost every military vehicle or ship that is preparing for warfare is equipped with a Hamilton Hamilton timepiece.

The Hamilton brand has two major product lines – the American Classic and the Khaki Sport, both based on the brand’s American heritage, combining modern design with Swiss manufacturing techniques to create masterpieces. The American Classic collection includes the avant-garde design collection and the timeless classic collection.


Tissot combines more than 150 years of creativity with traditional Swiss watchmaking and is a leader in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Its goal is to provide watches with gold and silver prices to the public.

Tissot is a legend in itself. It tells the world that the brand is growing, and it is constantly introducing new designs and new craft achievements so that customers will always be full of surprises. Just as the company’s purpose: extraordinary creativity, stems from tradition.

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